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My sixteens, it's me, you know what I mean
Headin' to the airport, my flow flyin' in from Queens
Accompanied by my bitch, flyin' in with
with me, I can guarantee you'll be makin' the news
P flows like no nigga, twenty-six but I'm a old nigga
Don't make me fuck around and show niggas
The good thing, I found Allah in the process.
An angel appeared wit' sneaky ways and gave me stress.
Now what am I to do?
My album's platinum but I'm
o'clock (woo!)
Hungry 'bout to hit the IHOP (let's go)
After that, menage-a-trois
And he out by seven o'clock (p-YOON)

'Cause I'm a baller, thought I

Puff Daddy, enough already
Now its P. Diddy still sound shitty
How can your group be called Da Band
No body plays an insterment man
I dont
Fuck this world, that's why we carry on
By the Email Fidel, tell him meet me on the D.L.
No longer a free world, think of shank or Verra'
the street singing I'm Not That Nigga 
Size ain't nothing nigga, I'm short 
Shocking nigga, rah! 
They gave me five hundred dollars, shit I quit both of my
supposed to win, guest lists, V.I.P.
Backstage passes when we rollin' in

This the all skool, we encompass it all
I teach MC and production is taught by
niggas off something gravy
Especially when I get to doin' it by the way, hey
So that nigga told me, that's square
But why ya want to get in on that
think I need her,
She said her name was Nina,
She reminded me of my heater.
So I grabbed her by the waist, pull her back
And made her dump it!
me in front of they 
Broads, listen!
Or is it because I'm ridin' around in Range Rove's?
4 point 6, G-S 400 on dubb mo-mo's
An both of my shit's
niggas that's mad, cause I'm always with they bitch
Then you got niggas that just don't like me
You know, the, those P.H.D. niggas
But you know I pop