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But the mare in the woods submits
For the regaining of Foster brother's
Loke, the son of FĂ„rbaute.. Father of
Born of earth, unbound by
Getting jaded

Day by day
Diggin' deep, deep shores

Mating Season
Of reality
Up in

The clouds hiding from the sun
There goes
music and lyrics by Corb Lund

I have sinned so gravely Brother Brigham, Brother Young

I have sinned so gravely Brother Young

That only you can
see just what you want to see
Who's to blame?
Love is love by any name
Who's to blame?
Lipstick Lies won't hide the truth
They won't keep you
She whispers oh such pretty lies
Don't believe her
For when she looks into her eyes
Love just isn't there

Brother, beware
Take care, my
(lyrics: Andersson
Music: Andersson)
A serpent crawls in the ashes
In the remains of human misery
Awake but sleeping in the hour
She whispers oh such pretty lies
Don't believe her
For when she looks into her eyes
Love just isn't there

Brother, beware
Take care, my
[Music by Holst & Nilsson, Lyrics by Holst]

Brothers and sisters we pilgrims of our destiny
Open up your mind and see the truth
We've come for
they'll leave you to die
Infected by the venom of their vicious, viral lies
It's all lies
We're dead flies

Priests and Parriahs
Disguised as holy
The brothers round the way sit down and say
(How'd you do this?) Ludicrous rhythm of rhyme
Anticipate like a bottle of Heinz ketchup
(No catch
She loves me like a brother
When I'm standing by her side
She loves me like a brother
There's nothing that she won't confide.

I been standing
[Music and lyrics by Vargher]

Burning winds, raging flames of Hell
Demonic Evil is on the rise
I'm here to slay
He's come to reign
Lord of Evil,
Well, I had a dream
I stood beneath an orange sky

Yes, I had a dream
I stood beneath an orange sky
With my brother standing by
With my brother
Without you baby, what good am I, what good am I?

Mm-mm-mm Mm-mm-mm

Transcribed by Robin Hood

These lyrics were transcribed from
Pack up your bags
Leave family society
Oh come with me
Where they treat you well

At the door
Old Lou the Jew
Will welcome you
In the corner lies
not last

A cool brother by the name of Gas

These brothers made you get loose

They was down with a brother called Cousin Bruce

They used
[ KM.G ]
Yo, this is somethin new by notorious-ass Above the Law
In the motherfuckin place
The Illustrator KM.G
Yo 187, you gotta let em know what's
[Lyrics: Dirge Rep]

Activate the aggression that exposes the
Denying the existance pf praying to
Seek gnosis in
zones, while in another part of town,
A young man lies, bleeding in the cold
I see hearts and minds suffocating
As if by God they have been forsaken
From the basics and warm, weather places
Dedicated to the brothers that never made it
Cut short, they prime read life between the lines
[Music & Lyrics by Suidakra]

Enter the circle
Banish all fright - of the night
Shadows whirl around
Hunting and chasing the remained light

on the continent, it's here, it's everywhere!
And this is, if you will, a war, an all out assault by

The sly fox
We locked
In the idiot box
The video
done for man
Can our feeble minds comprehend?
We started to die when we began.

[Lyrics & Music by Victor Griffin - 2001]
hard like piston heads
I know where I'm going, He knows who I am
It's written in blood, truth never ends.

[Lyrics & Music by Victor Griffin - 2001]
[Music & Lyrics: Schulman]

Haunted by a twilight void
Into the endlessness they flow
Tearing up the sacred flames
Darkness is they rising desire

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