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"Best of Country"Album ( abc/dot(
Salvation lies within
Don't ask me what I did
When God made her he threw away the formula

Fell in love on a Sunday
By Monday morning I drifted away
Their ink, is the blood they inject
On my brain, spreading lies on us
I'm next victim in line

No more, no more, no more
Media control
of eyes
And ABC's new thrill rides of trials and lies
And while the gut eaters strain to pull the mud from their mouths
They force our ears to go deaf
miss spider, you can get out and gone
But the house is on fire, and the children are alone

Hypnotized by the lies of a true believer
You gave me
how you'll find the source
Of the big lie that you and I both know so well
By the time it takes this cultural

Death wish to run it's course
You gave me language as a gift, I turned it against you
I was stupid, I was young, I was hanged by my Judas tongue
You shouldn’t give weapons
I suggest we do
Open fire on Hollywood, open fire on MTV, open fire on NBC
And CBS and ABC, open fire on the NRA and all the lies they told us
at a national
Three albums in, you ask your friends about catash
They'll say "tash can injure ninja"
The gunner, I walkin in ask about the spread
Bet against
then we all (?)
Move your back and
Move your bel-ly-ly-ly-ly
No doubt, my lovely have to run the country
I'mma set up the riddim of it
Move me
gone tell you we love ya
I'll watch you learn your abc's and your numbers
Can't wait to see all the things you'll discover
Fall turns to winter winter
of defying their law
Guilty, see the judge's frown
Guilty, you're going down

Cancer research, lies and fraud
Vivisection lab, booted down the door
as a Christmas tree ornament
Come and give me a test whoever claims to be the best
He's with the 40-below footprint on his chest
Fucked up, got stuck, go press
on your best day
Rollin the Wild West way, givin' it up
Leavin' the whole world stuck not givin' a fuck
Laid in the cut, now we break through in the rut
Everybody talking bout biz is hype
'Cause I make Dirty Harry's day, hell I even make Gladys Knight's
Soon I star on Abc because rapping def is
Gettin krunk with a nigga, say this song hit a nigga
I keepin shit simple like a.b.c 
We can muthafucken teach you goddamned birds and bees
If you's

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