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sunrise and the john denver collection - caly

Dear friend of mine, the weather's fine
Today I saw some ruins of the roman world' decline
And I
Calibrate the virus
Fold down the edges and call openness fatalistic
Count to ten; close your eyes
Carrying your dismay by the buckets full
the color
Deep hit of morning sun

Lose your friends
One by one
To the needle
To the gun

To the virus
To the bomb
To slow death
To fast burn
Break the nation down section by section
Even to the greatest minds its impossible to find

I want to devise a virus
to bring dire straits to your
of two face.
Public elected, and put into place.
Virus detected.

Most are dumb, and often easily fooled
By the blinding statements that you make.
on it

Light of days goes by by go bye bye go buy

Slippery the unwashed hands slithering away
The virus has become the mind now kill the host invade
The whole fucking world, to its knees by this virus.

Could you stop yourself before?
Before this has gone too far.
This has gone too far.
Contagious, something like a virus of love
Making the pleasure seem real

Another killing by the villain
Another body on the ground
Here comes the master
Sharp encephalitis, almost always fatal
The beginning is marked by a sensation of anguish, cephalgia,
Fever uneasiness and undefined sensorial
Of Two Face.
Public Elected, And Put Into Place.
Virus Detected.
Most Are Dumb, And Often Easily Fooled
By The Blinding Statements That You Make.
The future is scarred by the bloodstained past 
Haunted by disgrace
Holy wars that are never ending 
Forever fight of faith

Don't accuse these

You take the pleasure from my body 
You let it seep into your skin 
I push the virus deep into you 
You capture all I give to you 

This is
Handed black flowers
Lined with dead moss
They release the pungent stench of disease
Scorched by the sun
Decayed to ashes
Animated sleeves
Massdestructive strategy
An evil plan of first degree
How perverts will be the end
We all will die by evil's hand

Sex, virus attacks
Virus attacks an soiling blood
Aboard a craft bereft of oar
I rowed upstream to find Lenore
Abducted by a bandit or
A king from some forgotten war

And mindful of his larval
[music by Acres, lyrics by Walsh]

[solo: Walsh]
Twisting nature
Burning sacred land
Life beyond our means
Epidemic creation
One foot
Public Executions Held Daily

I'll Shut Down all the Pharmacies
To Promote the Spread of Disease
A New Virus in the Water Supply
No Food No Shelder
We live by the assassin's creed committing dastardly deeds
Slash and you bleed, we live in the cut
It's like we have a fucking disease
A virus
the red trace
Unaware of the things to come
Unknowingly injected by the virus
Am I not the only one?
Unaware of the things to come
blowing away.

This world is mine!
Controlled by my mind!

Going deeper.
Clear in my mind.
Find the direction.
All with passion.
Contagious, something like a virus of love
Making the pleasure seem real

Another killing by the villain
Another body on the ground
Here comes the master
by my own creations , I cannot cope with life
The truth you think you know so well - it's just a big lie

You live to fear, you lay yourself to rest
God knows! What will it take to save us from the plague

Contracted by blood
The virus can be in us all
You're one of it's victims, but then
Infected by our callous acts.
Our blood flows the kiss of death.
Relentless disease as death tolls rise.
This virus breeds on human desire.
for tomorrow disorder
Yesterday brought me a dark trail of sorrow

A life of chaos passes by before my eyes
While silent dreams are coming closer,

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