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A man is known by his tools
I earn my keep with my tools
Fools, you fools, you fools, you fools
You will not touch my tools
I want to know what
sunrise and the john denver collection - caly

Dear friend of mine, the weather's fine
Today I saw some ruins of the roman world' decline
And I
Iron birds of fortune
Adrift above the skies
Cloudy revelations
Unseen by naked eyes

Flying tools of torment
Will penetrate the sphere
Tools of separation

Reviving the dead
Confined by virtue

This pain is haunting me
Nightmares are hunting me
This is no way of life
I can't
created by corruption the
Whisperes dispersing uncertainty a savage provoked by mankind the ultimate tool of
Conspiracy assigned by a mind deceit
A platable reality prepared behind doors
Safe for the masses who care for more

Submission's the tool used against us

Consumed by the dollar the greed it
I see you standing there
With your cannibal's eyes
A meal is coming
It's wandering by

A room a cube
Laid before me
Is a murderer's
a dollar against this next line"

I said, "don't let the sunshine fool ya
Don't let the bluebirds tool ya
Don't let the women do ya
Put your hand in mine"
Let us now praise a carpenter and the things that he made
And the way that he lived by the tools of his trade
I can still hear his hammer singing
from her heart 

Bopping down by the whirlpool 
I met a girl she was god's tool 
I said girl wouldn't you like to rock 
But could it give me love
Expose the wires. Expose the veins. Show them all what is meant by machine. Tools of the tools of the masters design. When you wake up, you will all

Bopping down by the whirlpool
I met a girl she was god's tool
I said girl wouldn't you like to rock
But could it give me love
Give me little love
can't get by, boy

Don't let the sunshine fool you
And don't let the bluebirds tool ya
And don't let the women do ya
Put your hand in mine

We don't need your democracy.
Execute them kindly for me.
Take them by their filthy nostrils
Put them up in doggy hostels.

We don't need your
Nobody seems to care about you
With your tool case by the roadside
There beneath the power lines
Or the pallor of your skin
Paled beneath
Language and meter
Tools for a task
Structure and movement
There's logic at last

Critical rave
Misanthrope hired
Humans want quickness
So keep it
to analyze me
For all those who want to analyze me

My mother committed suicide when I was four or five
I love Mike-O was killed by a psycho
But I'm not
thought a tool
Order from chaos, profaned by the burned and the dead
Fear is my tool
To keep you down
Hate is the way
To hold my crown

Reign of horror
I am on the top of the world

Trust me on this one
It all
of destruction

Burning I bleed, unholy incision
Mark of the beast, behold the trifixion

Prepare the tool to observe my fate
Upon this mortal shell in
Written by Peter Green. 

Now when I put down my tools
And my working day is through
Yes, when I put down those dirty old tools
And I need
Unfettered by the help of transportation
To knock on windows where
A friend no longer live I had forgotten

And everywhere I go
There's always
If I could only get the tools, the stimuli and
Molecules, frozen moments in time
I could be the archetype, a credit to the
Genotype, reprogram
Don't put this note by your face on the pillow
Don't put this letter in the pocket near your heart
Keep it in the bottom drawer where you hide
Coercion and threats
Made their demands
Held the past over my head
One mistake has made me their tool
Blackmailing a means to the end, I'm forced

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