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the die hard ying yang twins fans
The ones that been with us from day one
The second half of the album we gonna team up with my man Wyclef and my man
And anybody want to see us apart we need to get rid of
They ass man and that's from the heart. 
Pick em apart now that the ying yang twins got some ends, 
Ying Yang Twins and them dirty boys (Nigga what?)
That's a coma

I told ya niggaz don't be playin with it
'cause when you see it in chrome
Then you know
and Ying Yang,
I know when kids rockin(?) used to beat the block, I lived in a little house boy,
And the block party would never stop, I remember when
Eh, yo, yo yo
This is Ying Yang Twins with a ghetto public service announcment (uh oh)
Red light (ohh), red light (ohh, ohh)
Stay by
Fucked up Chingy's song

Afro-mother fuckin-man cant stand no mother fuckin Ying-Yang Twins
I think Lil John and the Eastside Boys is an ignorant,
Broke my heel

Ya'll bitches betta' be scared
Its Calipark music
Ying yang twins
United state of Atlanta
We back in this mutha f**ker by our
yesterday's youth yearnin your yen
You yellow-bellied Yankee ying-yang yellin "yes"-men
(X!) X-rated, ex-African, X-Man
Ex-leaders, ex-Clarence, X Malcolm,

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