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album coming feedin' 20 promises I made

6 miles and running in the Pontiac,
6 thousand 86 trans mic shift,
While the engine run,
Anyone turn around
the guy a twenty and wait in the car
He tosses me a baggie then he runs real far

I take a hit but it smells like a clove
Oh fuck I got a baggie of oregano
momma to cry
See I'm a good guy, I'm tryin to stick around for my daughter
But if I should die, I know all of my albums support her
This whole year's
Piece by piece, this puzzle comes together
Sever your ties with the bad guys, let the lies go
If you wanna be a hoe, go 'head and don't be scared
No policemen, no homicide, no chalk on the streets
No reason for nobody's momma to cry
See I'm a good guy, I'm tryin' to stick around for my
We always leave the good guys
Twenty miles behind
We're gonna play it rough
We're gonna play it hard
The Rock 'n Roll Rebels
Got the winning card
ducking when you running or they gonna hit ya
Them West side guys will get ya
Burning the rubber off the 20's before they get with ya

Them South side boys

Cipher, bound
Whats it like to (rough?) around
In the twenty one gun salute
Competition don't rest
Like a veteran in battle
Stood at a spot in the hood, 20 miles from home
Waiting to finally hit the stage and blow their mind
Performed for 5 people, or 20 at best
Sending demo
so we marching like (left, right, left, right)
Oh they follow me

Well it's the highly underrated, album so anticipated
Mr. not intimidated by you
furniture shopping, too busy burnin' you
Watching you, learning you
Word to Pac, I'm plottin' to murder you
Sure the thought can occur to you
My next album

The late Michael Jackson doing the moon walk on the telly
And I was like "who's bad?"
Sitting there smoking, sipping MD 20/20 thinking I was
and amaze her with a nicotine chaser
Sip it clean savor the taste then sit and dream later
The ollage pay their back upon they hinges twenty miles
Seven hundred miles to play to
fifteen angry men.
I need some sleep.
They hate the songs.
We hate them too.
This show is free.

Twenty minutes
Blowing horns like Miles Davis
At the pearly gate, God let me in
Give me a room by Aaliyah with ESPN
I know I got more sins than two lesbians
you all accuse me of trying to destroy
Let's rewind it to 89 when I was a boy on the east side of Detroit
Crossin' 8 Mile in the border in the hate
the lives or envy the guys
Who be frontin' in the Six that's really a Five
You could see I still got it by the look in my eyes 
I'mma blue collar criminal,
It don't matter if it rain, I got a pool inside
And a stretch range so at least 20 could ride
And I could tell fake platinum from a mile away
When I
I got shit here to make you down on twelve-pack

Call Rudy, tell him hook us up a twenty sack
See'mon see'mon see'mon, we ballin why'all
new, it's new, it's new, 
It's new, it's new math
Word problems

If there's a fat guy in a pastry shop
With a twenty dollar bill and he's ready
you all accuse me of trying to destroy
Let's rewind it to 89 when I was a boy on the east side of Detroit
Crossin' 8 Mile in the border in the hate
To think for a second, you can stand next to me
Look, don't ever again mention my name in ya freestyles
Or I cut off ya transmission faster than Lee Miles
a candle like Mariah, I'm so fire
When I step in the club, get low!, like Flo Rider
Cause I'm a Pimp
You can tell by the limp
When I step aside
Alright, before we get it started
Before we did 'smoke two joints', that was Jack from the Toys
And that song 'Rivers Of Babylon'
Was written by
album came and it was not good
I think it went lead or double copper wood
So the silly little fans they were mislead
By a nerdy internet computer hip-hop