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I'm a wolf, black version of Twilight
These rap nigger's too thick, they make a plight
This is a rap sticker, I heard your album
But like
back it up and dump it!
All I need is a beat that's super bumpin!
All I need is a beat that's super bumpin!
All I need is a beat that's super
featuring J Treds 


Mr. Len  a.k.a. Space Ghost  please commence intro 

Company Flow  perform  J Treds  prepare 

El P
a swisha bigger
Then send you to a place, where you taste nuthin but cake
All tha beats made by kevin a., k-roc you face
Slow it down k, I'm tryin to let em
Tearin' your ass to pieces, when the trigger releases,
You're deceased and you got them P-Ds, D-As, judges and polices,
Peep the thesis,
We gets, hot
heard that shit 2pac wannabe ass nigga (mocking P) "I ain't no rapper 
I write short films"
o.k. grab your popcorn ain't no more sunshine.

Come on, O.K