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the guitar
The way Dave played was very individual
I'd been overwhelmed by all the culture
Art School prays the life I'd never really understand
I sat down
Is it hard to wait?
Drawn by your mongrel heart again
If they don't answer, would you want to be found out?
You duck through the wind in your old
Dave I've always thought that you were touched by fate
It's never easy but why throw it away?
Maybe you were both chasing this
Flirt with death but
This song was first released on the John Denver Album. It is the only album it has been released on.

Life is so good
Life is so good these days
Division and NOFX (what?)
Let's dissect this album called “Nevermind”
Produced by Butch Vig of Garbage not Sublime
Butch toured with U2, who wrote a song
Alright, Chipmunks, but that time and here again
So let's sing about it the real predict
Ready, Simon?

Ready, Dave


Oh, boy
Father of death and the save your of sin, losing their grip on mankind
Refuse to go and resistance is low, the time to say no has arrived
To be born and there it is
Embodied by a boy
His voice small and grey
Whispers smoke to the chosen

Upon our heads he places crowns
Sewn with
mean to yell,
But I'm having quite a bad week
And I miss my mom."
And we drive
Dave steps on the gas
The world that's flying by is slick and smooth
The specter hovers above like a black cloud
Casting its shadow, an ominous shroud
wanted, is what we wanted
What we wanted is what she wanted

You read the words and it sells you life
They sell their words, but it's all a lie
Angels and Ministers of Grace
Come defend who's been praying
I've found you wanting by your weight
Who did you think you'd be saving?
Then suddenly,
The phone rang, it was a call from Larry. "Hello, cock. Cock, it's time for
The third single". If this is a flop, if the third single doesn't make
the mists of June
And the whole world is lit up by the Culver Moon

Baby don't worry 'bout Angelyne
She ain't the prettiest thing I've ever seen
This was an instrumental piece composed by orchestral string arranger/composer Paul Buckmaster and has no lyrics . It featured on the 1971 album
Kylie Said to Jason
All lyrics transcribed by Dave Datta
I'm gonna leave this body now
I'm gonna leave this body now
they don't need ID


Your mind is gone
Your brain is blazed
You've been wide awake for the last 3 days
Poppin' pills
It goes down
From the album fairytale

Now, it makes no difference what you do, I love you, babe.
Well, I need your lovin', I need it bad, oh deed I do.
Now, you
"Into Fire" is the result of JVC requesting a Heavy Metal song as a bonus track for the Japanese release of "The Kindness Of Strangers". Dave says of this
[intro: A friend's voicemail to Dave]
Dave, whattup man?
It's me
Umm.. just callin to see, if possible, if you have any
Time today or within
Yeah, I said it! (yeah)
Bum bitch! And I never will regret it
(70,000 in the first week? That shit is ridiculous)

[Chorus: Queen Pen]
Don't bring
I go on and on
Can't understand how I last so long
I must have super powers
Rap two hundred twenty five thousand hours
Get it calculated do the math
don't even know where to start
I got the album from upstairs
And this is by far, the most

Incredible thing, I've ever, heard
don't even know where to start
I got the album from upstairs
And this is by far, the most

Incredible thing, I've ever, heard
you cool
Better look out now though, Dave's got somethin' for you
Tell ya what it is

I'm your ice cream man, stop me when I'm passin' by, oh my my

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