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And the moment that she left the room 
The album started skipping
Goodbye to beauty, shared with the ones that you love
A shadow that has fallen
Definitely not the usual way to start an album, but by this time we were doing things our own way, and not for booming record sales. The song was
Some little pretty mami's is all I need (yeah)
Hennessy, Cristal and sticky weed (uh huh)
A little drop sports coupe's all I want (yeah)
And I
who be those rhyme killers in mask 
No doubt, difficult task, the last in the square, beware 
Infinite amount of darts is in the air, I'm victorious
places in the Third World it might be difficult to dance to this because
the kerosene record player is not a very efficient device.. .And a lot of times
Uh, see'mon, uh, see'mon

Uh, William H. Bonnie, ma' I make you famous

Some little pretty mami's is all I
the flesh and the blood
'cause this is level 1, after this album my message is done

"...But you said keep quiet while the emcee raps
...Others say their bad
to difficult, love a challenge, typical
Raging through my enemies, kicking ass so happily
Supernova, bend you over, to the lava! game over!

I'm saying "Yay!"
oppressive, and all day the omnipresent sand has been whipped up by an impudent wind, making progress all the more difficult. At dawn, I pinpointed the location