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This song was first released on the Spirit album. It is the only album it has been released on.

Born in the month of June
No silver spoon to help
Games that People Play
(I love you)
Each of them carries your memory still
I can still see that look in your eyes
The one that preceded your kisses
Well, that's the end of our album
You can open your eyes now
Wasn't I fantastic?
Ninja Brian, you did a pretty OK job, too
I'm particularly impressed
Ain't know.

Alright now I just want you to sit back, close your eyes, kick your feet up and
Listen to this song right here 'cause this here is for
Don't be confused
You're back in time again
It's funny but it's true
They state your case
Praise your name and the last place
Where you lived without
From the album the hurdy gurdy man

Hi, it's been a long time, you're looking fine,
Proud as any woman should be, proud of womankind.
My, your hair
From the Album:
* Face it

The first time I laid my eyes on you
You happened to glance the other way
But by the look of your lazy smile
I knew I had
looking critical
Reach for this, mother fuck being a criminal
Look in your bitch eyes, the vibe is subliminal
You wanna freestyle fuck that
I need
grip go
And played the piano keys

Couldn't even see
Boxed in by a fantasy
Scared of real love
You're dead by your destiny

Now shuffling around
Inhale imagination and breathe wonder
That's your lady, I used to run up in her and G weed from her
It's a cold world and niggaz need summer
At times my
I see it every time your pallbearer's palor is obscured by the darkness
Dancing across your face, and when the blackness veils your eyes in pain
I saw it in your eyes
And in the way you smile
Right from the start
Space ship shaped like a heart
Don't wanna ask me why
Don't wanna say goodbye
Let Me Be The One
Blessid Union of Souls
Album: Home

So you're scared, to show your feelings
Baby, I do understand 
Well, I don't make
the Maybach Benz
Fly this then sanaa lathan
Pumpin' Brown Sugar by D'Angelo

In Los Angeles, like an evangelist
How can you introduce you to your maker ?
In the day I get no rest.
I cut me a young pine-cone
And I gave it to the river deep.
It sailed 'way by your window
Where you lay, so long in sleep.
With yellow eyes  my green face  my pink and white afro 
I'm no toy kid  your style is made by Hasbro 
G'niff gnapp  you think you got that real
Look at my eye
Have your spirit below me
I'm floatin' in the f***in' sky
All black is my attire
Lookin' like an umpire
Toss you in the trash
mist are shattered by the sun
Travel through the uncaring skies
Prepare for this defeat
Once you're dead your eyes are shut forever
Is it just
At sixteen, some was watchin' him, mesmorized
Respect, not jockin' him, was so amazin', besides
He came on the stage with lasers in his eyes
Walk with me now
Look at my eye
Have your spirit below me
I'm floatin' in the fuckin' sky
All black is my attire
Lookin' like an umpire
Toss you in the trash
Yeah, for your eyes only (for your eyes)
For your eyes only, for your eyes only (for your eyes)
For your eyes only

Hey, niggas be dying
that's extended
Because your momma got a glass eye with a fish in it

I-I think my, niggas is soldiers
I-I think my, bitches is gangstas
I-I think my,
From yo' car to a crap game, no one rolls wit' you
One of Mini-Me's shoes got more sole than you
So by the time you figure out why your record ain't
me I need to see...your eyes.
'cause I know
What I read ain't true
I know
And I'm telling you
I know
If they say it's one, it's two
Don't believe what
So deceiving
Through your eyes their light burns
Hoping to find
Inquisition sinking you
With prying minds
Sing it man

(The ultimate in vanity)