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Why is the world in love again?
Why are we marching hand in hand?
Why are the ocean levels rising up?
It's brand new record for 1990.
They Might
King Lex, came a long way man
This album is dedicated to the honorable Mel Carter
Rest in palaces kid, we love you Mel, yeah
Yeah, the wild, that's
On the banks of the Hudson
My love and I lay down
Just above 42nd Street
While the rain was pouring down

When I covered her with kisses
The sparks

Tongue kissing, I'm fight in public
Can't see you niggas
No feelings, ain't no bitch I'm trusting
Can't see you niggas
Faces that she make,
was layin' down dreamin'
You know an' I was dreamin' all to myself
Now an' I was just thinkin' if my woman didn't love me
I hope she ain't in love with
Words and music by Bob Hartman
Based on 1 Peter 3:15, 2 Timothy 4:2

Enough of the sidelines, gotta get in the game
When nothing is ventured, nothing
his hand waving
Drives the gypsy woman mad
She loves him anyway
Has told him so a thousand times or more

She refuses to believe that
At 42 years
the fuck I'm sayin'? 
Hell yeah, he he 

Street level, street level, street level 
Quik is funkin that street level 

'Cause fo' hundred block is in
From the album sutras

In the night
In the dark night
There's a light
That shines on me
And the lady of the lamp she
Lies by me and holds on tight
And as long as we are here together
We must build a home for the free

Filled with pity
Not pain
That's loving and sane
Not divided by hate
And living in
good, beyond all evil; beyond all love and all the hate
Beyond your fate, beyond my hate; your tragic end I now await

God in your heaven, hear what I
(Ludacris) Verse 1

I just touched down in killa Cali,
Strapped up my boots,
Got scooped up by Game,
So I hopped up in the coupe,
Gaah, What up
Now that my 8th album's coming,
Everybody smiling wanting something,
Claiming that they done something for em,
Got Jay Z and pom poms in they whole
Open the door
I look you in your face, realize I don't love you no more
You ask me why
Reoccurring thoughts of him are there
You'll never
legends boy

Agnes lives alone on 42nd street
Badgered by a fat man's memory
Back on the streets
She won't get too far
Gettin' riddled in the dark
know about that
look out for the Hood Starz album by the Git It Boyz
You know, shout out to the Trak Starz
They in da building Buck Ban and Zoe
Listen to a spin
Make it into the shape
You want it in

Earth and fire and wind conspire
With human hands, and love, and fire

Words and Music by Bill
(Italian) and Country Classics Albums.

Everybody's got the dancin' fever
Everbody'd love to rock and roll
Play it loud and baby play it better
(I love you)
Look at me now sittin' all by myself
Face another sleepless night all alone
All I look forward to is lying here living this song

on the Reflections and The Country Roads
Collection Albums.

Born on a quiet morning
Just a dream in someone's eyes
A dream that's like a promise meant to be
This song was first released on the Spirit album. It is the only album it has been released on.

Born in the month of June
No silver spoon to help
and in the quiet womb the sleeping seed will stretch its arms and grow at last...and love will grow, it will come to pass...
(chorus/bridge) It will come
Artist: DJ Envy f/ Jay-Z
Album:  Blok Party Vol. 1
Song:   H.O.V.A.
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

[Jay-Z] + (DJ Envy)
Yo uh, dim
He stays away too long, leaves her by herself
Treats her wrong, keeps her on the shelf
He talks and talks about her
And she loves the way he does
I love the girls and the money and the shame of life
My shallow mind is just a sign of your game of life
There were girls in the front
There were

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