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(C.W. McCall, B. Fries, C. Davis)
From the album Wilderness

[C.W. clears his throat.]
Roy. By C.W. McCall.

[The only musical instrument heard is
to us, huh?)
(I never seen five niggas on Elvis Presley album cover!)
the addicts off the nod
Grand Puba, and I drop a album yearly
And I'm very nearly really come to droppin shit like daily
My knowledge is bond, so you
Ratin latent, and perpetratin 

My album's love mics, tough like dirt bikes 

You get frantic, New York City, run and panic 

California, I switch
seems I been shot by cupid 
Am I gonna stop, think not that's stupid cuz . . .

Im in love 
Im in love 
Im in love 
Im in love with you
picture me not
In this spot with this glock and these rocks to cops
I know every basehead from here to the wasteland
With keys, and connects me and Cease
I want the kid's pictures and the cars and the wallets
He wants them big things like them ?Tits? and ?Dolly Partons?
Got mad bodies, ?Roy is