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a parrty? Not hardly!! I'm trying to stay up outta that womb!
Or that p-you-s-s uss! I said uss!
Luther Vandross couldn't make a home out of this house that
the E-R-I-C-K, yes the Boy Wonder
No fouls no bleeps no bloops or no blunders
So hot, so you can say I'm blazin'
Or Luther Vandross says, yo I am
"So amazing,
[Verse 1]
Hey Girl!
That's what I said when I seen her
Hey Girl!
Wanna do more than just meet ya
Hey Girl!
Tell me whats your story
I'll takes another stab at it
I'm tearing you out the frame like wedding pictures after divorce
Petrol like you dropped the soap in the towel with Luther
night like Luther Vandross, right?
No way, Daddy Fat Saxxx don't skip no days
To eat her, meet her, greet her
Treat her like a queen then I give her
Luther Vandross
Ima keep it trill
And you just do the same
And you just holla at me
When you here em call my name

You and me and tonight
Girl what do ya
and Pam love
Feels like Luther Vandross
A million kisses
Is it too much?
I know I found the way when I don't recycle
Don't call my phone
Come by my
you can say I'm blazin'
Or Luther Vandross says, yo I am
"So amazing, and I've been waiting"
For a sucker to attack yo me the E-Double
Cuz me
bitch would
But you niggas too weak, but just give me 2 weeks
And I'm good
I'll make an album that'll put a smile on Malcolm
Make Martin Luther tell