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New lyrics by Cledus T. Judd (I stopped here due to the album details stopped here...but I knew Cledus would have been listed in I
Bustin' mega ultra super, ahh ahhh! Holy crap, ahh!
Oh my god! Oh my god! Oh my god! K.O.!

One-up, power up, already leveled up
Options set
right here
Aiyyoaw, aiyyoaw

Originators we came, gladiators, God-body regulators
We're street educators
I was born through the womb, of Emagene Hamlin
by a crack in my units
I'ma stick to the shit that made The Click
The super kind, I love to spit
That nigga 40 vicious, he got speech I heard him
You can reach into your pocket
While I reach into my mind
Clarity is so divine
We just single the design
The physical we inherit
By visions on TV