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Ill freakin the funk every goddamn week
So watch me bang-bang boogie to this funky beat
Rob hits this track like a dime bag of weed ( ? )
Yeah, I
What's up Big Chris?
Goin' to the store to get the papers. 
Got ya, a little love on this one here.
Huh! Word on. Word on.

Commercial rap
I push fly whips without strainin', my cliques smother
Get tougher, hits rougher, Puff is deep in the streets like Chris Tucker
My wrists
casse le cavu, crache des hits, d'la dopamine
Sadek c'est du lourd, une tonne de cocaïne

Tu crois qu'tu fais du lourd? Sadek pèse une tonne
T'as fais
the fries
Would you stick by my side?
Would you ride?
Would you roll?
Would you go?
Need to know, Need to know
Hit a slump
What if business was slow?
the hill to the bresk
I proofing I'm widdy by useing my mind I spit from my heart
Cause you don't give useing where other Crews in my City
Cause I am