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away and let him be
He?s got a shotgun so go back home (Who? Who?)
Cause you?ll never get Mr. Jones (Mike Jones)

[Verse 2]
I used to get dissed by
by the chicks in the club
Now they want to rub my belly wanna show ya boy some love
They see me iced up they be like wassup?
Try to jack me if you
only time will tell, but until then I'll be stackin' my mail
by album album sells, Magnolia wear dwells
I love them bricks, I love the ghetto hoes
cars big stars like it's rock and roll 
Let's rock and roll

Dip-set, this is Jim Jones man capo status
Santana Killa, the don the album coming March
im Keller - Kalk-Ablagerungen
New Jack City Patron', es ist Ek, der G van Dom
Bange Catherine Zeta-Jones und er lässt sie wieder flow'n
Hu...i said come to my Sunday service
Nigga seen who the reverend was then they got nervous
The niggity nasty Jim Jones
Boot ya in the head, 
Steal toes
Before I die, hope I, remake a flow by
In the brand new treasure on a old try
Now when my third dry, even when the smoke lie
Eat the mami's chocha
Mach dir keine Sorgen, alter! Ich hab Graspäckchen da
Ja, der Mac ist am Start (yeah), bring' dein Album nicht raus
Steck's dir doch einfach direkt in
un tremblement d'ter-toss

Amène ta clique: on les couche tous
On arrive dans l'rap tout schuss
Lourd comme la patate à Mouss Diouf
Drive-by en