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And warded off the rain
The bigger the tree, the deeper the roots
The grass that is trodden underfoot
Give it time and it will surely rise again

cut you off
You grow right back

Like buffalo grass
You crawled across my heart
Oh like buffalo grass
Wrapped yourself around my heart

Day goes by
death moans 
See the smooth black nuggets by the thousands laying here 

Petrified but justified are these Apache tears 
Dead grass dry roots hunger
necessary now
Corruption in the system
A grass roots insurrection
Could bring them down
Will bring them down

Rock and roll around my head
Train tracks, clapboard bar
Green grass, wheat field farm
Three-digit population sign
Pirate on the 50-yard line

White church, a water tower
the seed to sow
We're just waitin' on the crops to grow
Day by day it just gets sweeter
Plantin' roots that just grow deeper
Takin' our own sweet time
to cola roda
Recruiter of refugees, the urbanite objects
Wreck to catch the gravy, grass be the po' baby
That I planted in the long run, dig the rhythmic
of creation we crawl,
Fertile earth to abound in the seed,
Bleed of grass to ancient trees,
Shiny flower into the sweetest fruits of love.

I can’t
yes marijuana blues

You don't use the roots, you don't use the seed
Dry it up and smoke it, it's the ethnic weed 
Unh marijuana, yes marijuana, mmm
Calls you out by name
Lays upon the plain, on the mountain high
City lights, wish delights

What if the waters and wishes appear?
Will the price be
Grass Roots
I've been a brother to sorrow
I've been surrounded by gloom
'Cause this hotel's got hot & cold runnin'
Heartache in every room
the root I want the whole damn tree
Ain't tryin' to stock around for the Illuminati
Got to buy my own island by the year 2 G...
Since way back I've been
the average death sentence becomes a dead paragraph
I dig a 5 by 9 rectangle in the grass
Reach your epitab and bury your ass
As the coffin gets lowered into
and from D.C. to Peking email warns of lost global rights
and the hoax the world's leaders, wanted no one to see
comes crashing on their heads from grass
cause practise makes perfect
Stop burying your lies and bring the truth to the surface
Money is the root to all evil, that cash rule
Will have you out
the root I want the whole damn tree
Ain't tryin' to stock around for the Illuminati
Got to buy my own island by the year 2 G...
Since way back I've been
I was brought up by snakes, taught me to survive in the grass
Use one eye to watch your friend the other watch your ass
Let no man be excused from
Up, beside tongue-tied hungry enzymes
Devolved into mothmen munching textiles
Punisher, out past go-time
Back 10 fried worms chubbier
Brown grass
her down, talking her down under your breath
Making a mess, see she is happy you want to break it

Doo-doo-doo we're on to you
Your phony roots
shoot the breeze with the roots of trees. 

Or go down by the river, watch the way the devil danced,
But never took his hand even though I did have
an albino buffalo giraffe.
wax ecstatic in a padded room.
the absolute grass root passion fruit and fibre optical illusions.
like pulling out table cloths
to whichever vixen listen
The skin rash, the schism, a million rash decisions
In truth, he had a capital T terrible 2 days
That chewed his plumage to the root
with the screwface
Bounce on the D-A-T-S-T-be	, the new case

Home where the grass is greenah
And all the gods and earths choose a court
thang) are you thinkin' the grass is greener?
Like a nigga just lost his first love, singin' "Have you seen her?"
Tossin' high beams, chasin' pipe dreams
at you
Looks just like you, got you eyes, and you whole disguise
Reflections, he seen his image in the lake
Reflected on the grass roots which harbors

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