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does it, he kills him again

Who killed John Lennon?
A loser with a pistol, a martyr's best friend
And each time he's televised, he kills him again
The Very Best of John Denver (Single CD) and The John Denver Collection - Rocky Mountain High albums.

Raven's child
Is chasing salvation
Black beak turned
his life
If he hadn't met Betty
They married in December 1980, no doubt it was the best day of his life
Two days before John Lennon died
So before
You're walking through the forests where they feed the trees broken glass.
John lennon and the rolling stones crooning in plastic bags.
Spit shine
and Stevie Wonder
It's no Biggy we got no cash and its no wonder
'Cause I'm proud we gave you people like John Lennon
Even though you shot him as well
like it's December 31st
Roll up and cock it and hit them niggas where it hurts
If I die today, remember me like John Lennon
Buried in Louie, I'm
running for President."

"Live from New York, it's Saturday Night."

"Elvis Presley died today at Baptist Hospital in Memphis."

"John Lennon was
like the treasury
Nigga swear they ballin' like they 7 feet
Like John Lennon, just let it be
(I got my whole life ahead of me)
I judge a man by his
My old british pop, John Lennon, rambling/ 
Like imagine, I never stopped imagining pop/ 
84, maybe more, there was a fave breakdancing/
they say I look like him
If we met bet it would be awkward break out the sudafed
Cause the flow cold, like it's so cold
I was smoking John Lennon
relize life just passed your bye (bye)

-Andre Nickatina
Shit its paper mackin steel end up in a station waggon
If John Lennon was here he be like "girl
Lâcher des coms et mal parler, c'est tout ce qu'ils veulent
John Lennon et McCartney, New Beatles
J'mets des plans galères à tout l'monde, j'vais