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Crawling, just to make a statement
In this matrix 
Subconsciously gazing the soft shell of a man
Somehow found, amazing!
By the department of sanitation
My telly's a Desert Eagle for all the fucking shots I called
My niggas gotta ball, never settle for less
Heavy metal, heavy on yo' chest like two
plain and simple
G.D. til' my heart beat,discontinue
On the ave., til every soul in the ghetto is gone
Where niggaz sell more rock than heavy metal
Bumps thumps on the side of me, smokin some green shit
(First Faaaaaaam) Feel the premonition son
We heavy metal, what`s your love? (Ghetto
and the haters start watchin'

The DJ starts spinnin', the panties get the droppin'
For album number three, it goin' platinum's not an option
I'm back with Cool