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Smash down Lennox, head up to the 'View
Some reporter wanna holla and I said it was cool
Wanna know about the album and the Enemy's new
How P.E
[E-40 talking]
Testing, testing...testing testing
Uh, Sick Wid It, Sick Wid It
707, Sick Wid It Records, Sick Wid It
Click shit, Click shit nigga
That's right y'all, the K double-O L, K-E-I-T-H (South Bronx)
I'm in here, I'm a let you know (I started rappin')
I can tell you can't rap, look
work for F-E-D-S
And plays his recorder

You think he placing he taping his order
Marking the bills they read, 
Tasting the waterf***ed up
till I D-I-E, my nigga

Yeah, you behind if you don't know the power (nigga)
Product this shit the moment Ruthless started goin' sour (what?)
out the shop
Mint green sidekick, custom-made rag top
"Strictly Business" is the album that we play
"You're A Customer"; the pick of the day
Now there's