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my mind creep
Deeper than the page of a book let me look
You let me hit the stage, that's when I got my folks hooked like
D.E.E.P. you want to go
the endin'
My short stories winnin' and keep the beats spinnin'

You know the name, P.E.!
You know the game, P.E.!
We ain't for the game
We for
the window, see the corner that I bent it
It's just so simple when we get so D.E.E.P.
Learn a lesson, pick up the album when it hits the streets like
baby, the nature of the business is unstable
Especially when your project ain't properly promoted by your label
E'ry album I put out gold or platinum,
black ridin' shotgun
Black four-five, black Air Ones
Bangin' "The Black Album," track #1
She like that Jay shit, that's her favorite
If it's gon' get
the 'Black Album', track number 1

She like that Jay *** that's her favorite
If it's gonna get me the *** I'ma play that ***
If she bite too hard, I'ma say
to buy your single, nigga hell no!
If you dubbin' this right now 'stead of buyin' my album

CHORUS [Kardinal Offishall] (Circle crew)
You know you're ghetto when you think you represent

But them niggas on your block ain't spendin' a red cent
And tryin' to buy your album (nigga
to play 
I'm so ahead of my time when I talk there's a seven second delay 
Don't judge a book by its cover when I'm inventin' 
I add your colon to my
squad of design monsters
Innovating the styles that made biters look like imposters

So we scripted an album and signed to Rawkus
Selling a hundred
shoulder... ? Aw, you're fulla shit, man... ah, listen, by the way, before I go on; did you get those white albums I sent ya with the pencil on the front... ?