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come to the t'cha

Push up ya han-ds, if you out here gettin paid
Push up ya han-ds, if you don't have AIDS, biddi-by-by
Push up ya han-ds, if you
. . . 

They say it happens when the one you love, 
Loves you! 

Music and Lyrics by John Rox 
With Hugo Winterhalter and His Orchestra
(Lyrics by V. Frerich)
(Music by F. Krynojewski and V. Frerich)

The last days of mankind have arrived
All the prophecies of doom are true
a tool when I drop this dope shit
Niggas want me stumped to my lyrics cause they jump
But I'm from that darkside, you know whuts up punk
You up in
ra lara lara
tara ra lara lara   

lyrics by fairyale
Your lyrics are incorrect, so you step to me
Lookin' for the key to release that first piece
Three times two is six, Pete is one-three
I'm the other
Dharma, Lei Kung, Manitou, Hoder 
Odin, Mars, Ganapati 
Shiva, Papsukai, Horus, Ceres 
Neptune, Ra, Parvati 
Phoebus, Danu, Helios, Mohammed
I traveled so far 
I'm chewin niggas lyrics for a Mars bar 
New era  bust em like reign terror 
So highly Mecca Nas a nigga died and measured
I'm givin' it to you old school style, no album cover gimmicks,
No intros, no shout outs, nothin' but straight lyrics,
If you in your car buckle
be stopped too long for the night it will come
Shaped in the form of Mars that stone afar
Ghetto cool oh well now you feel the spell, the rude color
from the palms, love is so strong
Can't be stopped too long
For the night it will come
Shaped in the form of Mars that stone afar Ghetto cool

When I met the biz markie out in front of the store
He used to tell me all the time, "yo your lyrics is hype
We got to get together and make
I'm wishing you the best
I keep 'bout half my lyrics and I throw out the rest
'Cause fly on by, you can if you want to
The method that makes sense is
Feels So Good Lyrics 
Well everybody's got an opinion that's loud and unbending
I spend my time healing and mending, together
It's a question
did to Hercules
I'm breakin shit down to moondust line by line
It's star time so shine

Shine shine shine it's star time
Shine shine shine it's
funky nigga that's known to kick the fat shit?
The mirror said "You are, you conceited bastard"
Done by the dogcatcher, dogcatcher, it's the dogfetcher,
(Elephant Man: You know)
Lyrics, chattin, Anglo-Saxon the fashion
We laughin go to war with the dragon (Elephant Man: Killah Priest!)
I got the hand gun,
Narcissistic, hard to grip it,
Dark and wicked, arts prolific,
Mars with the stars, this is far lifted
Lyrics quit the bar with it, bar scriptures are terrific
the chance like Len Blias 
Ride by us they walk well I be hidden in shade 
More content then when rent is paid 
And renitent like raider spraid 
Oow yo
lies created by nerds
You think that I'm playin, you mark my words
Just like man sends rockets to Mars
Hip-hop living is ascending to stars
The more
we about to go 
Ain't no need for the gun, I treat you to a slice 
When we done, and all minds are one, yo 


I be the Rabbi watched by
by snake eyes as the playa hate rise
New York state side to the West side
Fuck the best rhyme, best respect mine, from here
To Palestine watch Sunz
everything that you have tried
And I've been accepted where you've been denied
I'm the M-A-R, the Q-U-I-S
Here to run down a rhyme at your request
younger brothers what it is to be a man
By tearing up the party when the mic is in my hand
This is what you call a winter/spring/summer jam
Fall into

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