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over the known world
Her newest guests were as her mother called them
"The latest Russians to defect"
One's name was Hefner the other's name was Disney
I was living rather quietly by my village in the trees
Don't bother anybody and they don't bother me
I'm always kind to passers-by, I never make
to Disney World, world world world world

Front now, you got a cheshire cat grin
eerie malevolence of commerce combined with backspins
I'm just a kid, tryin'
teens, beauty like we'd never seen
Our heroes led us by the hand
Through Brian Wilson's promised land
Where Disney's God and he commands
Both mice
"One by one they drop", you said
Left us two on a ride stopped dead
It's monkeys on the track
All fell out of their tree
"Lost their tails", I
on Disney
But this don't feel like Disney

You say I turned out fine
I think I'm still turning out
You say I turned out fine
I think I'm still turning
You turn me on
And it's hard to turn me on
You turn me on
And it's hard to turn me on

Mornings I tell you what I dreamed
Before we're
wings and fly


I don't need nobody else
To find myself, all by myself
I need to be
All I want to do

(All I want to do)
Is find my way
Death you read the bible
Death you read the lease
Assuming your survival
Depends on things like these

Have I been preyed upon
By Darwin,
Will I forget then learn to smile some day.

Potbellied sick bed.
All scars and sweet breads.
A lonely vacation, your own Disney parade.
Too many lyrics 'bout houses and loot
Too many Walt Disney characters, mouses and goofs
I mean you know I love a challenge, but challenged by
And I'm waiting for a New York City girl

Times Square looks like Avalon
In a Disney morphine dream
Dylan Thomas rides a white horse drunk
Martin Luther, who did you think that you were?
Appointed by some higher up
Merely mortal, your plans were unaffordable
No one wants to pay for
My oh my walkin' by
Who's the apple of my eye
Why it's my very own

Oh if I should stroll the 'hood
Who knew I could look so good
This song appears on four albums, and was first released on the Autograph Album, and has also been released on the Greatest Hits Vol 3, John Denver
In Hollywood they have a different language that they speak
It's spoken by those folks who went to school for just one week
It's found inside
Ek zu dem O, I'm bad to the bone
Das ist Textschrift in chrom, deutscher Rap ist mein Sohn
Es gibt 'n fetten Unterschied zwischen Rappern und MCs
Mikiyah and Gulani while I grind like I do
'C-c-cause even when my daddy was on crack, I was cracked
Now the whole album crack you ain't gotta skip a track
kids, a boy and a girl
Hot feet walkin' around Disney World

That's what love'll get ya
Don't let anybody tell you different
I've been in and out,
coffee cup
As the working girls go by
Drenched Irish cops are dreaming sex
And peep show alibis

Everything underneath the skyline
From the east side
ritardo (ritardo)
Eppure riesco ad anticiparvi ogni album (ogni Album)
Mi sembra ieri, ieri su quelle panche
Da Via De Pretis, ora le palme sono su
the choke hold
Disney's is a nono I perfected the slow flow
In D.C. they dance the gogo
In L.A.they ride on lolo's
G-Unit in the house, oh no
You ain't ready
at random beaches then when I land (?)
Wife and kids in the Phantom
Real Caribbean flow to amphibious
Go to Disney and (?)
(?) Kansas Cit (?) lemon
I don't need no mantra chant
I don't need no self esteem

I'll take to bed John the Walrus 'cause my Baudelaire has been pawned
Plagued by demons,

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