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life to preservation of hip-hop 

I'm tired of seein the people of my culture gettin shot 

And now I must step up because I know that's all we got
to the womb

day by day - from birth
Page by page - the script we enact
To an unsound story of conquest and glory
By a culture about to collapse
Blood flows
... diggi-diggi-diggi-dick, diggi-diggi-diggi-dick 

Diggi-diggi-diggi-dick... De Klerk 

Get off my... diggi-diggi-diggi-dick, diggi-diggi-diggi-dick
There are 8 million stories in the naked city 

Some ice cold and told without pity 

About the mean streets and the guetto culture 

The pimps
Back to my roots.
There ain't no turning back,
We pon de culture track.
Some a say that we gone soft;
Whatever happened to the pulse so hard?
it lou-wow-wowed
I'm black and I'm pro-wou-wowed

It's no more to me
A hidden mystery
Of stolen legacy
Of my history
Cause I know my culture
Of my
Now they wanna hear a country nigga rap
Five albums in, I swear a country nigga snap
Thought they wanted trap, thought they wanted bass
Thought they
It be the Shades of Culture crew making it hot on your block 


"My advice is to you, think twice 

My advice is to you, think
We're models
There's me, there's you (Hoko ten)
In a pedestrian paradise
Where the catwalk got it's claws
A sub-culture, and a kaleidescope
recorde cool Stories von Party und First World Problems
Und nennst sie Neuerfindung des Rades?
Hoffe die werden allesamt floppen
Das Label will mich soft
to live
For my loaf of bread the people's player
I did what the culture said
And I live by the coast of Nostre Cid
Fuck around I'll knock your shoulder
we could take it higher than that
I wonder if these wack niggas realize they wack
And they the reason my people say they tired of rap
Inspired by black
Nd people tried to put us down, when iTunes bumped a post-Cold War sound.
My generation sat the mecca of malls, Times Square, I'm there, Viacom
And then she'd bring out that worn out family album
Its faded pictures some with corners torn
She'd laugh and poin and tell me funny stories
the most flyest and stylish rapture,
My signature next to Christopher Wallace, get it honest, 
My first album through to him, that was my biggest project,
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    Together You And I Lyrics
to the negative no.  
It's amazing how my thoughts can be wrote to perform.
[Culture Freedom] 
Pardon may I ask what's going on?
[Wise Intelligent]  
Word is bond
Till anybody came around
Welcome... It's here

Last summer we took threes across the board
But by fall we were a cover story
"Now in stores"
Make us
The main part of the stories told on this album is unfortunately true,
And took place during the french inquisition, 1450-1670. all of the following
De Ja Vu,
Years of performing, years of practice,
Respect from my peers, my girls tears on the mattress,
Every time that we went on tour,
And she was
show up
My culture's not a trend, being Black is not in
But for you it's just a phase you're gonna have to transcend
While even if I tried, I could never
visions of eden, while this evil is breathin' inside a demon
Deceivin' with light I'm even this season
Companies kill my culture, suckas sit on they sofa
everybody came around
It's here

Last summer we took threes across the board
But by fall we were a cover story, "now in stores"
Make us poster
For education and culture, heads is waitin' for Mos to
Do the album with Kweli, we do it like we suppose to
Nobody come close to my crew, we wild nice
a culture shock

Hey, forget about your Monday morning
We are never gonna be that boring
Hey, forget about your Monday morning
So, so ordinary same old story