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Wouldn't care if I hit 53 cops
Julianie might as well be merking niggas
'cause the time that he giving out is hurtin niggas
And all these record label
This song appears on four albums, and was first released on the Autograph Album, and has also been released on the Greatest Hits Vol 3, John Denver
Loyal fans and newfound followers
Whassup y'all? Hello how are you doin out there?
You're chillin I'm winnin
Oh by the way the album's out go get
to see
Feel more to all this earth than the dirt to me
Dirty motherfucker, are you with me?
Same white tee from the last time I hit it, ayy
By natural
-previously a number one R&B hit for writer Hunter in 1950
-Words and Music by Ivory Joe Hunter

When I lost my baby (baby)
I almost lost my mind
When I
we ain't getting sweated by them fools in the black and white
So I roll straight to the spot
Bust that left
O, hits it next
Steady feelin the vibe
Check this shit out right here, uh

E Pluribus Unum is the album I'ma drop
It'll make you bitch niggas as hard as rocks
Giving head
What you mean?
He just ain't wit your mother
He's got other partners
He's a foreigner though
The cops don't like
Illegal alien 
Can't even say his name
criticize, but now they have become
Mentally paralyzed with hits that I devise
Now I testify, the rest is i, rebel ins
Ya highness, blessed to electrify
to get higher, come ride
I will fly you

? puff, 'cause really it ain't ?
Ain't wastin' no herb by lettin' it burn, let me hit that sticky
Now they wanna hear a country nigga rap
Five albums in, I swear a country nigga snap
Thought they wanted trap, thought they wanted bass
Thought they
Ain't No Joke" track
For a second it ain't look good
Little tension buzzin' from Wyndanch to Brentwood
Misunderstood, all forgot by sixteen when I met
Transcribed by Robin Hood

These lyrics were transcribed from the specific recording mentioned above
and do not necessarily correspond with lyrics from other
Kate, I'm honoured to have you, my daughter
Sing on my Chrstmas album with me
Here is a lovely song called Winter Wonderland
And maybe you could
so tired
Music is supposed to inspire
How come we ain't gettin no higher?

I know you think that you've got it all
And by making other people feel
Many people had the nerve to think we would end the trend
With Criminal Minded, an album which is only ten
Funky, funky, funky, funky, funky hit
soldier shit
Keep on servin' 'em, 'cause you know we do work
Mashin'' in my Chevy down the streets of New York, they feel me
I smooth grip, and hit up
Music and Lyrics by Reese Roper from album Anti-Meridian

Filthy bird laying in our yard,
Four chamber heart never beat so hard.
Dad said

	(Funky child) (Funky funky style)  (Scratched by Lord Jazz 6x)

Well um, back up baby, here come the schooler
We're hit when we dry
feelin like the best, nobody fuckin with us
We done turned to a bygone don crew
We got the semi Kimora like Djimon Hounsou
A lifetime criminal, live by
The year is 1971. 
Now comes the first of the children of Roton
Lords of the Underground witness the birth of the funky child
Doitall hit 'em
was shoe box and lint
I only write raps just to give you niggas hits
Every verse a gift, as you smoke like a chimney
My album coming November, that's
In today's music news: the ever-controversial 2Pac Shakur
Has just released another album under the alias "Makaveli"
Music insiders are running
chains I could spot biters for acres
Now be gracious, these minstools turn a bully's psycho civil
By dissolving the candy coated image down to the pixels
and maybe make a little cash
Jumped down with Big Tyme, put down a few songs
Everybody co-signed saying that we could do no wrong

Then hit the streets with

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