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Three little pigs of Green Jelly
It's Cloudly Now Album of Aviv Gefen (Hebrew)
What's up? of 4 NON BLONDES
a REAL live one
got me
No you won't ever find me downloading porn
Just Haggard and Jones, Limp Bizkit and Korn
And I could use some Brooks and Dunn
So Fire up
Yeah, what up with it ya'll(powerballin')
We come to the end of the powerballin' album
I hope you liked it and enjoy it (you know)
tired of playin' horseshoes
Mama she'd call me over to her side
You know she'd say I'd like to take some pictures
You could see her face light up with
what you see in the streets
Despite what you influenced by, the life of crime has many downs
A little bit of ups, and everything you do got
listening to Korn
Hit the hotel
Bought out all the rooms smoking out the whole floor
Fans in the lobby standing by the brochures
Knocking on the door
never fuck me up, Bisc Limpkit. 
At least I got a phat, original band. 

Who's hot, who's not? 
You best step back, Korn on the cob, you need
Fuck me up, bisc limpkit. at least I got a phat, original band.

Fred: who's hot, who's not? 

Jon: you.

Fred: you best step back, korn
Turn it up (turn it up)
Swizz Beats the monster
(Fix ya face, Ruff Ryders)
Let's do it
(D-Block) E-V-E, Styles P. and Sheek
(Whats up, whats up
Yo, yo can y'all' hear me out there
Let me intoduce myself ladies and gentlemen
See I go by the name of Big Woody Rock
And I'd just like you
First, the DJ must power up the amplifiers. 
To play a record, select an album and put it on the turntable. 
The racer must attach five dollars
See me ride in sin hear the rebel yell
I won't live to tell, so if you do

Give the next generation a big 'fuck you'
Who knew I'd blow up like
Yeah, I just thought we'd talk about music a little bit too

I'd love to talk about music

Cool, Dilated Peoples album.

You're putting out a photo
words up
Bravo for your swagger-jackin'
I'm overwhelmed by your dedication
You actually fooled these people into thinkin'
That your music was innovative
and the crew, y'all niggas come home

Word up, the new album goin' be the shit baby
Ain't no doubt about it, E Pluribus Unum
Out of many one, The G.O.A.T.,
the party
As soon as my album goes number one
Mr. Lim I'd like a Rolex with forty diamonds, ha ha ha
school house was full, and they would come.
And we bought up every album, every picture, every single;
Their autographs were the only things free.
Rachell - mandolin
Recorded: Memphis May 30st 1930 # 62547-2
Victor #62547-2
Album: The Legendary 1928-1930 Recordings
Gus Cannon And His Jug Stompers
Turn the music up turn the lights down I'm in my zone

Thank God for granting me this moment of clarity, this moment of honesty
The world'll feel my
Turn the music up turn the lights down I'm in my zone

Thank God for granting me this moment of clarity, this moment of honesty
to tell
You dropped me off by the dungeon
Never came in, but I knew that you were wondering
Now are these niggas in this house up to something
I was staring a hole through CMT
Watchin' everybody else who'd been waitin' for me
I thought by now I'd been a household name
After all I had, if
kids goin' higher
Told you on the album, that was prior
Two that's tougher than, nobody rougher when
Run-D.M.C., throwin' down like a Bufferin
And now the nights are drawing in
Poor Baby Blue's wrapped up again
Inside her final pain
I'd help her if I could I say
She puts us all to shame
is just the guy to lead a crew
Right up to your face and diss you
Everyone saw me on the last album cover
Holding a pistol something far from

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