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like dominoes, d-d-dominoes
Dominoes, d-d-dominoes

Ay yo I’m gon' need 69 real bad girls for my tour bus
Somebody get security to escort us
They go
Yeah, ladies and gentlemen
I'll like to thank you all for coming out tonight
It's my third album, third tour, third time's a charm

Girl when I
black ridin' shotgun
Black four-five, black Air Ones
Bangin' "The Black Album," track #1
She like that Jay shit, that's her favorite
If it's gon' get
I gotta thank him for the love on the album
I knew out on Electric Circus he get it by any means necessary, like Malcolm
I tried a single shot
She was Beyonce, I could've got my Hov on
And when she hang up on me, I tell her hold on
Quit that shit, I don't use force
Today is a bad day, we've
I met you in a club in Atlanta Georgia
Said me and my homeboy were coming out with an album
You look at me like yeah nigga right
But you gave me you
the 'Black Album', track number 1

She like that Jay *** that's her favorite
If it's gonna get me the *** I'ma play that ***
If she bite too hard, I'ma say
damn, oh, that's you
But by The Black Album I was blacking out
Party at S.O.B's and we had packed the crowd
Big brother got his show up in Madison
in that old back room
He'd bop his head and say, "Damn, oh, that's you?"
But by the 'Black Album', I was blackin' out
Party at S.O.B's and we had
supposed to say?
Hey baby, how you doin'? I missed you home
By the way I'm bout to leave, ah good
I'm going on a fall tour
But I'll be back before you
call it my birthplace
Whenever I walk in they makin' the worst face
Surrounded by Fillipinos I think of the worst case
Watch blue and green diamonds I
tour has got me feeling tired like I'm itchin'
And uh even though it's physical differences and my siblings
That's why I feel so down even at the top
I'm 'bout to do my thing to shine. 
Said everybody

It's not luck that I'm sittin' here 
Spittin' for y'all.
Preeld in by
And we are the only ones that can't be worn 


By any place any part of the world

And while i'm out on tour keep your hand off my girl


Hello welcome to the Nathan never show
Tonight we got many guess and exclusive videos
But first, we'd loved to get this woman
my heart
Granted, my heart was tainted by my mind, I kept on sayin'
Where's the hits? You ain't got none
You know Jay would never put your album out
on the tape, Donald-D break

Syndicate comin' through, I'm talkin' to you
Flexin' hardcore, what could you do?
When we roll up, you send your girl up
You're on, people got to wondering if it's a for sure song
Yes, I got another killer making a tour strong
If you thinking of battling, you're gone!
You're on, people got to wondering if it's a for sure song
Yes, I got another killer making a tour strong
If you thinking of battling, you're gone!
When I sign my deal I said fuck jail
I went on tour to Barcelona and Brazil
This shit real fuck an appeal
D's want my head like that bitch in Kill Bill
a top boy Scorcher and Bashy cant do the same
Real reconize Real , how many albums have you sold to date
I aint saying im Wayne Or Kanye ,But im living
putting my ex in a song even though the last one went triple platinum
I’d rather put that energy into what's worth having
Like how I got a platinum album

I'd like to propose a toast
I said toast motherfucker!

And I am
(Here's to the Roc)
And they ask me, they ask me, they ask me, I tell them
rocking microphones
Sin, sin

Said I learned new ways
Gotta thank God for my chance to blaze
Next album gonna see a fat healthy raise
And he make mistakes,
green (it's not easy)
We'll tour new york by submarine (it's not easy)
We'll scuba dive the bronx and queens
It's not easy it's not easy

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