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[Ingrid Smalls]
Na na na.
Oh, oh, oh, no no no

[Royce Da 5'9"]
I done been in this game for years, it made me an animal
I learned that
all that for holding it down
selling the c.d.s its good, yes
your boy Chingy,
GIt It Boyz, Got the third album coming out real soon
You gon'
Yo, yo can y'all' hear me out there
Let me intoduce myself ladies and gentlemen
See I go by the name of Big Woody Rock
And I'd just like you
Southern Dream Track #22 2:44
Sonny Boy Williamson I (John Lee)
(John Lee Williamson)
Chicago, November 12, 1947
With Blind John Davis - piano, Big
*Taken from the album "A Tonic For The Troops"
*Written by Bob Geldof
When I was a boy and I was told that heaven was hot and hell was cold
If I told lies I'd freeze my soul but it didn't seem to matter

Do you think they
Blues That Made Me Drunk Track 17 2:58
Sonny Boy Williamson I (John Lee)
(Sonny Boy Williamson)
Sonny Boy Williamson - vcl and hca
With Blind Boy
I was staring a hole through CMT
Watchin' everybody else who'd been waitin' for me
I thought by now I'd been a household name
After all I had, if
Now they wanna hear a country nigga rap
Five albums in, I swear a country nigga snap
Thought they wanted trap, thought they wanted bass
Thought they
-Nice and McBoo, they're down with us
Ms. Melodie, she's down with us
Just-Ice and DMX, they're down with us
My manager Moe, he's down with us
Castle-D boy, he's
Castle-D boy, he's down with us
D.J. Red Alert, he's down with us
Robocop boy, he's down with us
Makin' funky music is a must
I'm number one.

I met you in a club in Atlanta Georgia
Said me and my homeboy were coming out with an album
You look at me like yeah nigga right
But you gave me you
and break it down!
Okay.. this album has been funded
By the Blastmaster KRS-One Fund
Ha ha ha ha ha ha hah!
You know what? We're
the Maybach Benz
Fly this then sanaa lathan
Pumpin' Brown Sugar by D'Angelo

In Los Angeles, like an evangelist
How can you introduce you to your maker ?
I gotta thank him for the love on the album
I knew out on Electric Circus he get it by any means necessary, like Malcolm
I tried a single shot
shit, sound like my old albums
Heard you boys ain't true, wanna be like my whole crew
You even got a lil' DJ, trying to be like Screw
But nigga y'all
three mics

y'all niggaz better stop playin' and get yo' game tight
Too Short, Eastsidaz, Big Tig, oh boy
Album number 13 nigga, y'all better stop chasin'
let's work it
But I won't love you when I'm done I'd still be talkin' shit ...

That boy'z good
Yeah that boy's good
That mothafucka'z talkin' all
Pops sped off, left mom with a bundle of 
Joy of boys, smack dab in the jungle 
Took tunnel vision, but he would soon become a mogul but 
First he
understandably shaken up by this release
The question everybody wants to know is:
Why'd they get this nigga started? 2Pac, rather Makaveli
Was not available for
by The Joker
Lorraine said I never can leave her
She'd sever my wiener I ever deceive her

Fuck that shit, bitch
Give up my dick for pussy, I'd be
firearms and one pound of marajuana
Apprehended by four US marshalls by the state of Washington

They thought it was over but it just started
And some
of the dope stuff 
So in the record store, you can't pass by us 
GET the album, HEAR THE MUSIC 
And hold on so you just don't lose it 
As a reference, for
[Intro: Dig Dast (Jamel Simmons) {Gold D}]
Yo my nigga Jamel Simmons what the deal nigga?
(Gold D, Dig Dast what's goin down, what's goin down)
deadly but calm
Word to my born, dead by dawn
Got the right to bear arm, ring the alarm!
Another sound boy dyin, hot irons
Slugs flyin out the hardware

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