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People talking to me
But I-I don't hear a word that they say-ay
'cause in my mind I am already ten thousand miles away

Where I really wanna be is
and devotion, before the modern world;

She hears voices in her mind,
Talking of another world lost in time,
Before they took away the words,
That told us
No emotion calls 
Anonymous love 

Modern expression 
Closer we'll find 

Only know you could be beautiful 
We're so
all about

Hard to look the other way
While the world passes me by
And everyone is trying to bum me out 

It's a pretty big world god
And I am
All the lives that you destroy
Your mind has many problems

Just leave me the fuck alone
Modern day advances
Taken over by the weak
Self esteem
on the cheek,
She kissed me on the cheek,
Right in front of the older kids,
But my self belief, my self belief,
Wasn’t scarred by the modern itch.

Because now it
We live in a lie 
The constant lie 
Family of eyes 
Talking about common sense
Coming through the bedroom window
Shine across the ceiling
Time: 2:58 beach bum music bmi/beachead music, inc. ascap
Producer: brian wilson/russ titelman
Mixed by hugh padgham assisted by bob vogt at a & m
It's just a hill of beans to some
Bums talking 6-figure shit, while they taking their lump
See I grew up on the hill
But still I keep ready
But no one's talking about it, made us modern day slaves

And everybody's just walking around
Head in the clouds, we won't awake until we're dead in
Let's get together and talk about the modern age 
All of our friends were gathered there 
With their pets just talking shit 
About how we're all
Roger, roger. Calling, calling, roger, roger, can you read me?
78-78-9, 78-78-9, do you read me? Roger, major!

This is Modern Talking spaceship
Okay now, listen to this..
[Seagull sounds]
A mystical teacher sat by the seaside
It was about five o'clock cause we heard the free
the gods who've passed us by have drowned
The boogaloo of modern verse is dancing in her mind
Still very much the nervous kind.

Do you like this kind
It's just a hill of beans to some
Bums talking 6-figure shit, while they taking their lump
See I grew up on the hill
But still I keep ready
Later on that evening when
I thought I'd had enough
I sat down in a restaurant and
Over powdered drugs
I ordered up some dew-soaked lettuce
Picked by
a reaffirmation of the status quo of this nation, no stand for modern civilization and all it's barbaric traditions. This is the final solution to mankind's endless
I gotta get my ass out 
I went to see what my friend was talking about 
He told me cocaine would get you clout 
My momma said
Ellen and Ben
They met at someone's house warming party
They didn't like each other at first
I was still there
I heard them talking as they found
Truth be told, I'm living how I wanna, aye
Now, I done seen them blessings in the modern day
The Lord I serve, He gives them to me everyday
homies kinda deep
Somking on a thai stick feeling kinda hight wit
Ya passenger seat occupied by a fly bitch
Rolling in ya lo-lo
Cut list all ya MCs
(Killer Mike talking on the phone)
Aight... so you niggaz want to know how a nigga is up in jail...
Servin' a 40 to life sentence...
For dope that
only got ten

Maggie comes fleet foot
Face full of black soot
Talking' that the heat put
Plants in the bed but
The phone's tapped anyway
That's what I want muthafucka
I’ll never be a bum muthafucka
You talking about like it ain’t about the money
You just sound like a dumb muthafucka
A house
[Chorus: x2]
Picture us married you and me  k-I-s-s-I-n-g 
I remember the first time girl you and me f-you-see-k-I-n-g

She was the modern Isis,

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