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a hammer than a nail

*written by Bob Geldof
*taken from the album "The Happy Club"
album went six thousand on niggas
In Kansas City alone, we packed the dome with Mike and Liddy alone
In the west side, Lee Jone, Milly Mal, I left you
hard to keep
My head straight
It's like trying to go up but held down by deadweight
Walk on land, stay interesting
Nine albums dropped and I can't
Screamin they love the album, 
and then get near ten thousand when the next one drop 
Haters try to deny the funk, but affected by the bong 
And there's rumours going round that you have a fiance

Listen yeah your talking like you no me you don't know me
Me and you ain't no friend's blood
on the street or I'm out at the mall
And people be talking that blah blah blah
Ha ha ha ha ha
But anyway, a regular day is just like this
Canibus writes