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didn't obey, he said he made this cash
CRACK from the gun, Eligh lays in ash
Smash, it hits the front page quick
Now business is conducted by this fool
of the slums
With a shot that go, for twisted metal for cash flow
React slow nigga and get, P.L.O
By the lone gunner, who took revenge for his brother
Who got
Hi, my name's Ludacris, and I'm high as giraffe pussy
And I'm close to the edge, so yo' parents can come push me
I curse so much just to get on they
One time
Huhh, all up in ya like a bone when I
Johnny Blaze, the Iron Lung
Foxy Brown, the ill na na (yeah, see'mon, yeah, see'mon)
me in yo' dad
I'm the same yellow boy that used to play up on degrassi
Can pocket twenty thousand to be anywhere they ask me
Cash like Johnny, Banks
Drop top V, niggas sped off (off the rip)

Coke Boys get the coke money, plenty cash
Live niggas just smoke ash, Phantom seat stashed
You dunkey walk,
cursive style
Motherfuckers be tattle tailing like they taking names
So when they take a son they drive by I'll be taking aim
Pressure to pian, are you able
[Intro: Brotha Lynch Hung]
Fuck these hoes, it's the re-do, you know how we do
Every Single Bitch y'all
From the Psycho Active album, by my nigga X
featuring The Reepz 


[Sound Of Radio in the background] 

[Sound Of Woman and Tray Lee in the background]