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Dru Hill and a little more ill
(Hey Keith, we want you to be ill)

	Leave me alone, leave me alone!
	(Politics, politics..)
	Leave me alone, leave
so faded, broke wit a album
But bitches on my dick like I ate it
I'm use to smellin fish, but not that kind
Look you's a hoochie, want to do me,
make this scrilla
Hooked up with Chris Hicks and Dru Down my nigga
Dropped this album I'm still slangin' pounds and zippers
Then dropped the first
regularly, through every hill and valley
(I'm here to teach you only truth)
It's Mister Warm and Easy
Somebody please believe me
(For the things you do,
to get popped by a cop? 

Who the next n**** in the hood to get shot? 
I hope it ain't me, so I'm strapped up in bulletproof 
N**** on my stomach see -
Hill project was your outlet
You was a target
Or organized outfit
Not by the mafia, this where it get chills
Your wife hired some hit man to kill you
game, heroin in
The vain, fuck'n with there brains. Who the next nigga
Ta get popped by a cop? Who the next in the hood 2
Get shot? I hope it ain't me,