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harder than a motherfucker
That's crazy

Be on the lookout for a new up and commin album
The new 3 6 mafia album the last to walk
I don't know if it
From the album the hurdy gurdy man

Hi, it's been a long time, you're looking fine,
Proud as any woman should be, proud of womankind.
My, your hair
Wake up mama, turn your lamp down low
Wake up mama, turn your lamp down low
Have you got the nerve to drive Papa McTell from your door?

the lake watching water skis go by,
Got a pretty girl sitting on my shoulders and another pretty girl trying to push her over
My boys on the bank letting
times that we spent by the pool girl
Was too broke to even take you to the zoo girl
Maybe its because I had you girl
Was thinking about when we went
to really concentrate on the album.
And working with chris was pretty cool, because he's got a very strong
Sense of humor as we like it. and we had some cool
But the devil he can talk real loud (Yeah)
And my on decision I'm not proud (No)
But by the grace of God I'm here right now  
Healthy and getting
Oh my, hot hot mess

It's killing me , killing me, killing me, I can't stop
Didn't mama always tell me not to get mixed up ?
With the pretty girls that
to dream about crazy little things like fame
In the days hanging outside the off licence
We used to run around the steets reckless with no shame
Mainly up
*taken from The Boomtown Rats debut album
*written by Bob Geldof
*music arranged by The Boomtown Rats
a belly full of cars,
All for something lacy
Some girl's going to see that dress
And crave that day like crazy

Little Indian kids on a bridge up in
then again times have changed man, who are we kiddin'?
I'm managed by my friends that I grew up with
I'd rather give that 15% to people I fuck with
If me
pretty low
But them niggas ishomos like the maxwell video
I got 2 albums and 2 cars
Now bitches on my dick cause of chico debarge
Thugged out's 1st lady
a headache, like yankin domes with a straightening comb
When our bread brake, articles of artists who aren't as hard yo'
Partners by fathers, regardless they
(after the song ends)
This is the CENTRAL SCRUTINIZER... As you can see, MUSIC can get you
pretty fucked up...Take a tip from Joe, do like he did,
Dipset all day long, go get Jim Jones album in stores now. Freaky Zeeky hold ya head you already know what it is. Sarge hold ya head,
Purple Haze will be
pants full
Twix, bag of chips, plus a snapple
Stealing all the shampoos, from the hotel’s pretty bathrooms
Cheating, i’ve been peekin’ in the classroom

Kitty on pink, pretty on fleek
Pretty gang, always keep them niggas on geek
Ridin' through Texas, fearin' for his breakfast
Everytime I whip it, I be
with Sprewells on my fifth wheel
My album Who Is Mike Jones, coming soon
My album Who Is Mike Jones, coming soon
Already, I pull up on Perellis with
a gritty fiend for, 
Money, power, respect, get it by any means uh,
New Yorker, slick talker, walk like a brick flipper,
Decimal doctor, multiply to get
by a Mack truck 
And don't come around forty and front and get tapped up 
Cracked up, can't wait 'till this album is wrapped up 
I'mma take you
Ok year 2002
18 wondering what the fuck I'm gon' do
Witty Pretty potent with the modern machinations
An I ain't really getting help with college
I heard your style and I beat you nigga
Your whole album I sleep through nigga
'cause 'Te's an avalanche so call an ambulance
And tell 'em to pick
Gunny, Hey yo Jay wharrup fan, ya? 
D block, hey you ready, if you ready go in or what?
Yeah, I clip up the nigger, Johnny, 
Can I get any higher,
Cause its 187 on a muthafuckin cop
And ya stripes will get took quick, bust ya damn dick
By a reckless young black pit
Indo or tai, nigga lets get