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damn, oh, that's you
But by The Black Album I was blacking out
Party at S.O.B's and we had packed the crowd
Big brother got his show up in Madison
in that old back room
He'd bop his head and say, "Damn, oh, that's you?"
But by the 'Black Album', I was blackin' out
Party at S.O.B's and we had
I'm 'bout to do my thing to shine. 
Said everybody

It's not luck that I'm sittin' here 
Spittin' for y'all.
Preeld in by
not last

A cool brother by the name of Gas

These brothers made you get loose

They was down with a brother called Cousin Bruce

They used
Yo, I bought that album man, it's wack man
I'm tellin you, I don't like it
I'ma be honest man
I'm dead up, I'm serious
I don't
to the crib-o
Is it Rambo? No, the mic ammo
Stompin' you down on the ground, task forces
Let you know Rhyme Syndicate bosses
Any show, any tour, we house
by a Mack truck 
And don't come around forty and front and get tapped up 
Cracked up, can't wait 'till this album is wrapped up 
I'mma take you
putting my ex in a song even though the last one went triple platinum
I’d rather put that energy into what's worth having
Like how I got a platinum album
business control America
The oil business control America
KRS-One still causin' hysteria
Illegal business control America

Yo, rise up brother, raise up
rocking microphones
Sin, sin

Said I learned new ways
Gotta thank God for my chance to blaze
Next album gonna see a fat healthy raise
And he make mistakes,
Deep, I`m leaving brothers shook
While you debatin` I`m urinatin` on your rap book
I be Skillz see, the ill East Coast MC
All my peeps down in VA, this
Started with a dollar and a dream!

I was fathered by the bastards
Pardon my mannerisms
The Curtiss magnet that managed without the metal with him
told me 'bout his brother Damien sayin' that he could create a structure for us
We're guaranteed to make a win
I said I'm in, let the games begin