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(Music by Joan Baez, Lyrics by Nina Duscheck)

Where icicles hung the blossoms swing,
But in my heart there is no spring.
You were my spring, my
(Words and Music by Joan Baez)

The music stopped in my hand
My hand
My hand
Sadly smiled the band
The band
The band
Softly echoes your laughter
(Words and Music by Joan Baez)

A myth has just been shattered
Upon the four winds scattered
Back to some storybook
From whence it came
(Words and Music by Joan Baez)

Still waters at night
In the darkest of dark
But you rise as white
As the birch tree's bark
Or a pale wolf in winter
(Words and Music by Joan Baez)

Tell me when you see them
Gathered at the shore
Dancing on their broken chains
Ah, the ladies are no more
In their
Lily of the West

Arrangement by Joan Baez

When first I came to Louisville
Some pleasure there to find
A damsel there from Lexington
Was pleasing
Lyrics as performed by Bob Dylan and Joan Baez, Hughes Stadium, Colorado
University, Fort Collins, CO, 23 May 1976,
Transcribed by Manfred Helfert.
(Words and Music by Joan Baez)

Bangladesh, Bangladesh
Bangladesh, Bangladesh
When the sun sinks in the west
Die a million people of the Bangladesh
(Words and Music by Joan Baez)

The cats are sleeping here in the autumn sun.
Your dog has flushed a deer and he's on the run.
And the coffee cup is
Recently (Joan Baez)
Recently it all came back to me
Somebody promised us roses
We slid by for awhile on dreams
But today I see what's only
(Words and Music by Joan Baez)

The grey quiet horse wears the reins of dawn,
And nobody knows what mountain he's from.
In his mouth he carries
(Words and Music by Joan Baez)

When the mist rolls in on Highway One
Like a curtain to the day
A thousand silhouettes hold out their thumbs
And I
(Words and Music by Joan Baez)

A young gypsy fell out in a slumber
Heading north with a driver he knew
Someone he'd lived with and trusted
A young
(Words and Music by Joan Baez)

"You've loved me exquisitely."
"I tried to."
"Can we be best of friends now?"
"I never lied to you."
"And can I love
WINDS OF THE OLD DAYS (Words and Music by Joan Baez)
The lady's adrift in a foreign land
Singing on issues both humble and grand A
Decade flew past
(Words and Music by Joan Baez)

The moon is low on the southland
The frogs are asleep on the lake
Did you know that tears run in rivulets
And hearts
(Words and Music by Joan Baez)

Outside the Nashville city limits
A friend and I did drive,
On a day in early winter
I was glad to be alive.
We went
(Words and Music by Joan Baez)

Don't worry about my politics
They are what they are
I work best when I get some rest
Right now I'm in a bar
(Words and Music by Joan Baez)

I'll put flowers at your feet and I will sing to you so sweet
And hope my words will carry home to your heart
(Words and Music by Joan Baez)

Infinity gives me chills
So could the waters of Iceland
But there's a difference in finding diamonds in rust
(Words and Music by Joan Baez)

Billy Rose was a low rider, Billy Rose was a night fighter
Billy Rose knew trouble like the sound of his own name
Artist : Joan Baez
Song : Love Is Just A Four Letter Word

Seems like only yesterday
I left my mind behind
Down in the Gypsy Cafe
With a friend
(Words and Music by Joan Baez)

The ship that sails the seven seas
Has finally brought me to my knees
It's not much to my liking
The people standing
me of one of those Vikings with the long-handled swords
The kind of guy even Joan Baez would not feel non-violent towards
Said he wasn't looking, maybe
nation feared
The rebel!

He had a chick named Rhonda
A college prize
Her hair hung down
Over her eyes
Kinda half Barbra Streisand
And half Joan