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In a Chevy
I'm John Wayne, Superman, California
I'm a Kris Kristofferson Sunday morning
I'm a mom and daddy singing along to Don McLean
(Italian) and Country Classics Albums.

Everybody's got the dancin' fever
Everbody'd love to rock and roll
Play it loud and baby play it better
And don't you have a worry in the world

For the love that's been given you
Is the one thing time can't erase
And evryday it's growin'
Like the knowin' smile
Words & music by Don Baird ( publishing...
(From Willie Nelson "My Own Peculiar Way" and other albums... and Anita Kerr Singers
queen in a Chevy
I'm John Wayne, Superman, California
I'm a Kris Kristofferson Sunday morning
I'm a mom and daddy singing along to Don McLean
don't get fed up
My people rise, my people fight
My people do alright
My people walk with pride and
We're marchin' side by side and
My people laugh,
't awaken
Since my baby's gone

From the album "True Love"
Written by: M. Parish & H. White
away down by the Dixie Highway,
Yeah, down by the Dixie Highway.

My love, my love, movin' to the left now, movin' to the right.
My love, my love
as myself, ghostly individuals 
You should listen to my album, and listen and listen and listen
I don't know what I'ma sell or none or that shit
I would say
very, very popular, but I just don't know whether it was a hit single. 

The Bee Gees version was first out on the movie soundtrack album Melody
This song appears on two albums, and was first released on the It's About Time album, and has also been released on the Country Classics album
I don't know how but I'll try
Taken from "real as I want to be"-album leaflet by sunny
something else to occupy my nights
And baby it's just the right
Amount of True Love, True Love - Yeh

Everybody wants it, everybody needs True Love
girlies and we're out for love
No no don't judge be my [?]
I sail my hell, listen to no avail
Don't bother I'm not avail
No marriage keep the veil
other nigga
And I don't love other niggas
But I love other niggas bitches
I love 20-inches on everything I sit in
I love my nappy hair
I love
to saddle up the Tontos cause I'm the Lone Ranger
I eat dinner with Jews but don't talk to strangers
I'm just a few albums from filling your disc changer
Heart" by writer Butler
 -charted in 1966 at #91 as "He Will Break Your Heart" by the Righteous Brothers
 He don't love you like I love you
There's a photo in an album he don't notice anymore
That's me, that's me
There's a stack of cards and letters buried deep inside a drawer
Let Me Be The One
Blessid Union of Souls
Album: Home

So you're scared, to show your feelings
Baby, I do understand 
Well, I don't make
By: Kamikazee
From the album: Kamikazee

It never even crossed my mind
That I would fall in love with you
You were always there behind me
You know, anybody around that I'm inspired by

That's awesome. 
Do you prefer working indoor or outdoor?

Um, uh, psh, I don't really know
curly, hair
Now, look-a-there
Her brother don't 'llow me there
Now, look-a-there, a-honey
Baby, way over there by the apple tree

I love, love
Shine on like a rose at night

*written by Bob Geldof
*taken from the album "The Vegetarians of Love"
-Words and Music by Delores Silver
The tables are empty - the dance floor's deserted
You play the same love song - it's the tenth time you've heard it

*taken from the album "The Vegetarians of Love"
*written by Bob Geldof