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shinin through my rearview watchin, 'cause I'm paranoid thinkin that I might have been spotted,as I pass by watchin I relax 'cause I'm home now, had
to cheese 
Tryin' to pay the rent 
You know Kriss, I'm Kross 
Y'all ran, we walked 
No Limit n****z got ghetto dope by pounds and bults 
Blowin' tapes
Yo nephew, give me some of that No Limit shit
We got my nigga Fiend in the house
C-Murder in this motherfucker
Mystikal all up in this
goodness, oh my goodness, oh my god
I'm coming with the goodness
Acting like I ain't been in it, like I ain't been pushing my limit
Hold up, wait up, get
is the limit
But this world is full of envy hold me back I've been done it
Shit what you thought see-Bo wasn't down
It's just hella hard to get up when
Dr Dre
Ay ay Snoop whattup this your nigga dre
Ay man I was thinkin' I ain't said shit on your whole motherfuckin' album
So check it out put
Dr Dre
Ay ay Snoop whattup this your nigga dre
Ay man I was thinkin' I ain't said shit on your whole motherfuckin' album
So check it out put
the south on the map like Eazy-E did Compton 
Hoo-ride with these gangbangers (gangbangers) 
No Limit Soldiers, mercenary killas keep one up in the chamber
limit soldier
Y'all ain't ready, get motherfuckin' ready, and hit 'em up mia

[mia x]
Open it up, make way for a bitch that's down
Stand aground and move
We the in-timidators, why'all in-timidated
By our bling bling ring ring, and I can't debate it

LOWRIDERS (bzz bzzt) hittin on switches
As we PASS
Give me the cue
Skip the introduction
Proceed the lip function
The junction get rushed by some grimy people busting weed
Splatter your melons like
like lightning, terrorists Islamic
A ghetto superhero, like Marvel Comics
Vertical limits, fresh notebooks I write anthems to crooks image
This is Minister Metal Foot, treat a pedal like an earwig
And cook off by applyin' the same logic to the gearshift
Bird off prey circle, serf homes
run they mouth, but
Killers don't talk.

[Chorus: x2]

You no Kris, I'm Kros, y'all ran, we walked.
No Limit niggas got Ghetto Dope by pounds &
what you sayin & tha way you sayin' words
Yeah I got money & all dawg, but look I'd rather spend yerns
You this No limit shit dawg, we bounded by blood
in the hummers
Cause I know them boys be some chiefing last summer
Buffet fire is my drink, and I drinks it daily
So I buys it by the truck load, so I
threats given by clowns
I guess livin' is prison when you live around clowns
I'm hexed cursed worse I been blessed first
I thought I was abnormal cause I
don't like it, I thought you'd be inspired
By the way I whip it, way I whip it
Way I whip it, way I whip it
I whip it
Right past the pretenders,
invented the impossible 
Orson Welles gospel hostile times lay near 

The album 2004 video camera digital, that sucks... humans in 
Experiment on - Do
[Dr. Dre]
Hey, hey, Snoop, what up? This your nigga, Dre
Hey, man, I was thinkin' I ain't said shit on your whole motherfuckin' album
So check it
wouldn't give me play but couldn't stop the course of my rise,
Now of course the sky's the limit, we fly get with it,
You ain't underground, that's because
I'ma soldier!
Stick in my chrome receiver, and I fins to get it on
Influenced by the dolja
Blastin' at the rollers
Callin' couple of soldiers
where now you draw yours from
But your aim's to paint an image
But I know you ain't breaking limits
With the same (same) but different
It's like South
By our bling bling ring ring and I can't debate it

Low riders hittin' on switches
As we pass by ya in sun fire, c'mon
What y'all need to do is throw
Got the time to time to feel pain, sitting on Volvo's 
Coming with scheme, up in my dream 
Who'd a ever thought I'd be a No Limit soldier 
By the end

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