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of, my nigga you stay up
Locked down now the town gettin' my pay up
It's Project Pat, the haters scream, "Oh no"
Hypnotize stackin' money by the boat
will be in stores now 
or in stores right after this or sometime close around this
Go get the project pat album that's in stores right now
Cooked by
Now youse a killa
So pull the trigger so
We can let the dice roll
Dem hollow tips in yo' shit'll leave a nice hole
It's Project Pat on the track
to tha point
Here, (yesssir) Project Pat album underground album, in stores right now (rite
Now nigga!) what's tha name of that junt? Mista don't playyyy.
album "the key"
Why'knahmsayin? (the keyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy)
And we got project pat, "walkin bank roll" new album (walkin bank roll)

Lil' wyte, "one
Ok is this thing on here
Ok it's my turn to talk about it, alright
I want to talk about the Lyfe Jennings project
Album number 3... now
feat. Project Pat, Pimp see
[Chorus 1 (2x)]
Gator Boots and the suits is the clothes
Like a pimp
Keep the money not folded in a roll
Like a pimp
any drugs sir searchin in my car

(Chorus x2)

(Project Pat)
Sugar me timba dog and blow me down
Pullin out tha tone tone and y'all don't make a sound
get gangsta, we can get gangsta, we can get gangsta.
(Boom, boom, boom wit da trigga, I can...)

[Project Pat]
Two weeks later, still knowin bout da
get da cheese, dats by any means
If ya real, then throw ya set, let me see ya sign
Project Pat, from the southside, out here on the grind
(Project Pat)
As I sit in my cell, might as well be in hell
Left a dead, two on one, fourth floor where I dwell
Couldn't tell, thought you was a man,
Brakin' on some pound 
In tha south 
Memphis fuckin' town
Chiffin' on some hay 
Every day
Like a coupon 

(Chorus) x2

(Project Pat)
I was ridin'
Pocketful of money, parking lot full of them haters
Triple beam dreamin', crib with 2 elevators
20 flat screens they got cameras every angle
Dope been coming
(Project Pat)
North Memphis, South Memphis, Westwood, Orange Mound
Niggas ain't barrin' that bullshit make niggas clown
Down with the shit called
Triple album project, detonatin' tracks like these

Magnums and Berettas, part-time hostages at pottery classes
Blind date at the wax museum
to kick 
Down watchin' frown put the tone underneath your chin 
You know Project Pat is there your nigga down to make some fizz

[DJ Paul]
From the uterus
cause I'm through through

[Project Pat]
Roll up a blunt like light up the green
Eyes red as fire I'm on promethazyne
Roll up another one dipped in
Im Full Of Dat Shit
[Webbie] In tha club by the bar wit my niggas we twistin gars spendin 50's wit my boys jumpin stompin makin noise on tha block
red Rum! (x4)

[Project Pat]
A .44 bullet shell took my niggas life
Triggers pulled by some young niggas on that white
He used to fuck with them boys
with my young niggas
Project Pat, in the bank with them skis on triggers 
Real killers roll round here, lookin for some prey
Low key behind tinted
nigga rocking reptiles
I'm whooping on this beat like a step child
Big ring on and a charm to match
Ya my role model was Project Pat
Life is too
nigga rocking reptiles
I'm whooping on this beat like a step child
Big ring on and a charm to match
Ya my role model was Project Pat
Life is too
With what you call "alternative"
All your unplugged albums and charity projects
And bands named for inanimate objects

"All the great love songs that
I'm hittin'
? ? ? ? ? ?


{lord infamous}
Hurts in have minded
And you've been blinded
By ? and you can find it
Hurt your whole faculty

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