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More then any of you rappers ever spit
Vote for me as president, In about a day or so
I be up in the white house getting feletio
By an administrative
you ain't used to
And it was easy for you to move through
English class with your own thesaurus
Like one of these days I'm gonna be a rapper
But all my
a state of shock (state of shock)
We start at 2 then go to 10 o'clock (10 o'clock)
10 o'clock the next day that is (day that is)
No matter what city
that english that's broke as hell
That's why my niggaz in the hood understand me so well
Its the modern rap type talk
Used to walk, all over your ears
a hammer than a nail

*written by Bob Geldof
*taken from the album "The Happy Club"
earth during the day as well. Apep was both crafty and evil doing, and, like Ra, possessed many names, to destroy him it was necessary to curse him by
you want to be, 
You're gonna have to learn pimpology.
Pimpology, a pimp's profession.
Can't be effected by the Great Depression.
So if you want
peep my modern day 
Pompeii on city streets, the Sun pack heat 
In Hell's Kitchen, time to get money finger itchin' 
Once again plot thicken, and you
Ok year 2002
18 wondering what the fuck I'm gon' do
Witty Pretty potent with the modern machinations
An I ain't really getting help with college
and tongue of Malcolm
Tellin' my publicist, fuck this government
Go 'head and make my album, this is the judgment
Vacate the island, billions will start
Can't be effected by the Great Depression.
So if you want to be giant sized,
Come to my school.  Get pimp-matized.
In your school, what do they
the day.
Dumped by his girl, he paid for her liposuction,
His friends call him "Money", in his introduction.
And Marty knows nothing but claims to know it
four minute Olde English piss on you

You're bustin' dumb raps off the cap, oh shit
But I got the pen and pad locked down like a pit
I let the, ink
doubtin-ass motherfuckers, cause they don't know yeah
Instead of showin and provin yo I'm provin that I'm the show
Now who wants to fade this modern day
learn (I'm high)

I use my Colt 45 to shoot down your Olde English
By the time that I'm finished I peel the caps off six Guinness
Skwad Training helps
thinking about this all day
All good, there’s a reason that we called, Dave
let me start with your background
Where you come from?
Sure, I was undergrad down

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