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The unauthorized copy. Dedication to my children, my child
Destiny Jones. To my niece and nephews, Suree, Malik, Jabari.
The world is
Fall in and get quoted y'all
It's Cashis
Welcome to the Shady game
G's up

Obie went plat
An' he back with another classic
like a bitch, get smacked by your pimp 
Your steelo's undercover, corny on the real brother 
Keep that mop down, just like your album sound 
You flop,
cars big stars like it's rock and roll 
Let's rock and roll

Dip-set, this is Jim Jones man capo status
Santana Killa, the don the album coming March
Verse 1: 

Don't underestimate the reach 

Here comes that city brother who lives by the beach 

Defari  work for Likwit organize 

Dodger hats
walking with a solo swag
You think you ballin' in that four do' Jag? Nah
In Tom Fords with a MK bag? nah
Give you a bird's eye view of the streets
a thousand sheets of acid
and distribute it witcho' album, no doubt that'll be a classic
Dude lockin up every fashion, whether it's dope from weed to coke
an album by myself without feature to spit
And still feature my shit, it’s only me and my bitch
All eyes on me, that classic Tupac shit

Now can I get
East coast, West coast (yeah, Tom Mason!)
North, South (PD!)

You see, I'm grown up now
I got new thoughts
New parkin' lot, pennies in