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I'm like a Bat Out of Hell, being pulled by Black Stallions.
Waiting for Metallica to make another Black Album.
Created a stone age cage, I'm fenced
The wind is ruthless
The trees shake angry fingers at the sky
The people hunch their shoulders
Hold their collars over their ears and run by
Of wimpish amusement,
Replaced by a rash
Of 'creative' confusement!
Soon, my brave zombies,
You'll make your return!
Broadway will glow!
Broadway will burn!
Words & music by Don Baird ( publishing...
(From Willie Nelson "My Own Peculiar Way" and other albums... and Anita Kerr Singers
You've managed to convince yourself but I don't think you can
Manage me! me, me, me
Life based on a short story

Written by a bitch named Vern
The Very Best of John Denver (Single CD) and The John Denver Collection - Rocky Mountain High albums.

Raven's child
Is chasing salvation
Black beak turned
of the earth searching for truth and triumph
Meechy Darko, Zombie Juice, and Erick the Architect
These are the Flatbush Zombies and this is 3001: A Laced
The edge of a black hole,
With their backs to the blade
Once upon a time they stood on 
The edge of a black hole,
Amazed by the sun

Their tiny hands
at the start of 1971, by the way. Best of vol.2, 1973 is the first actual Bee Gees album that had it. This is their second recording of it; that first one, was
You've managed to convince yourself but I don't think you can
Manage me! me, me, me
Life based on a short story

Written by a bitch named Vern
“This body may incriminate;
I move that we incinerate.
It's best that we remove all trace
Of everything that's taken place.
This dubious
what you see in the streets
Despite what you influenced by, the life of crime has many downs
A little bit of ups, and everything you do got
feeding up the zombies 
Hatched from their own eyes 
And from these eyes 
The weary eyes-cum shadows 
Of a very different man 
Blood thirsty bastards
with the scrubs, vampires and weirdos
I valet in front of the zombies and tricks
The paint on the coup as white as Abercrombie and Fitch
Tried to find
moments there and
That's all caught on the album. yeah, the production that chris
Tsangarides has done is right in your face. that's the best description

Oh, their religions are the best
They worship themselves yet they're totally obsessed
With risen zombies, celestial virgins, magic tricks,
the fire and the base
I’m admired by the greats
This to each and every rap nigga
I look you liars in the face
Cold case, Rolls Wraith 
Big dipper,
And, oh no, it's not violent when under the Christmas tree there's a look-alike gun
But, yes, of course it's violent to have an album like KRS-One
Heard your album my best of missed it
Best that ever did it,
Papoose is the definition.

This is, this is
Doing what I gotta do
What up though?
We the best music
I guess I'm on my Don shit
What that mean?
I'mma go
DJ Khaled
your choice, so it takes you to choose
The best in rap, the best in r&b
The best in rock, the best in p-o-p
Who works the hardest, sweats the most
the polish 
Break another promise and take me as a hostage (take me) 
Hold your job down and let the zombies crowd around 
Thankin' mommy's god that it's
said it better than all, leave niggas on deaths door
Breathin off respirators for killin' my best boy, haters

On permanent hiatus as I escape
If you step in our way you best keep steppin', son
'Cause we're (movin on up) just like the Jeffersons
Now you been rocked by the Infinite
I gots
feelin like the best, nobody fuckin with us
We done turned to a bygone don crew
We got the semi Kimora like Djimon Hounsou
A lifetime criminal, live by