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we need
Like Martha Stewart shams and sheets and sugar free powdered iced tea
Vanilla coke, lemon pepsi, Friends episodes on dvd

I went to see
It was the night Rod Stewart played
And we were, were standing in the pouring rain
If I had known it was the last time I would see you again
From the new album "Time The Conqueror"
By Jackson Browne

Pretty Nova, one year over
Legal age of consent
In the flower
their backs turning away
With wishes of good luck

They say I'll be okay
These times go by so fast
I'll never have them back
I know that life will
fun, just give them one the boot

before we knew it, it was over fast
And New York City, was frozen by the blast
They say they'll take away the cap.
like that chump Charles Stewart
They're always claiming, that the devil made me do it
For insurance, he killed his wife and his child
And blamed it
we're happy tonight
Walking in a winter wonderland

Gone away is the bluebird
Here to stay is the new bird
He sings a love song, as we go along
Yeah, what you critics said would never happen
We dedicate this album to anybody people said couldn't make it
To the fans that held us down till
are open , I hear you calling me

I hear you calling me..
I hear you calling me..


From the album "Gravity's Rainbow"
Written by: N.
me For Death like Steven
Or relievin' your breathin', long as I'm even 'fore I'm leavin'

I wish this pain, would go away
We're talkin about
If you choose to walk away
I'll try and understand
Something's once said
Can't be undone
I wish that I'd realized that

Can tell by the look in
I'm like a ghost
I'll be living in a dirt room
Waiting for the day to be closer
To the window when you're home
I'll be standing by your back door
We'll make you comfy for the time wasted making you rich
I want to cover you in ants, bees and honey
Then take a picture for the cover of our album
'Daddy, what's a train?'

When I was just a boy and living by the track
Us kids would gather up the coal in big 'ole gunnysacks
Then we heard the warning
number anyway you were on the talcum
Powder, how's about them oranges
Moved away from home to school with big plans
By day, studied the history of music
wanna listen to any guys yap
Fly, this will leave you in the sky cap
Three X
We test the best
Reflect cause you're about to go see depth
The Slop)

With some Hully Gully music on the radio
(Right now, we're gonna do The Slop)
And put some diapers on the baby
And away we'll go-whoa-ooh
from the heart, I represent hip hop
I be three albums deep, but I don't wanna go pop
Too many candy rappers seem to be at the top
Too much candy is no
Indeed truly we are the mighty mighty BDP posse 
This is our fourth album and we're still not takin' no shorts 
Yeah, ha hah! 
On the wheels
The Divine Feminine, an album by Mac Miller
(The Divine Feminine)

Love, love, love, love (sex)
Love, love, love, love (sex)
And (how come) it's my fault for what you did with your life
And everytime i go to hear you and play you look away
We barely embrace, you can't even look
And what do we do
When we're all dressed up and in the mood
We step
To what
A steppers groove
Where do we go soon as the weekend gets here
And what do we do 
When we're all dressed up and in the mood 
We step
To what
A steppers groove 
Where do we go soon as the weekend gets here
on your fucking wall, necklace-wearing bitch
You don't want this money till it's rich
Buy my album, coded by Dirty, set you free
Go against the grain, I
get in between womans
Ill BIll - solo album, how we gon' take it?
Leave you ducktaped and stuck in the Matrix

[Chorus - repeat 2X]
Tell me where

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