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I stand on all ten toes, one dick and two nuts
Don't do yayo or shoot up
But I went back and forth with some work, went threw a few plugs
This white
and white folks buyin' this album)
(Negroes and white folks buyin' this album)
(Everybody's gonna know who this group is)
(We just felt that the picture
longer kelvin mercer but the posdnuos
Plug one yo I found fun
In the scribblin' of speak
On a naked white sheet
Most recognized by my dark brown self
don't like it, I thought you'd be inspired
By the way I whip it, way I whip it
Way I whip it, way I whip it
I whip it
Right past the pretenders,
you got a back up plan ‘cause that shit might come in handy
Started a label, the album is comin' September, just wait on it
This year I'm eatin' your
the hardcore and the teenage chicks
All love Slug but who loves ugly?
I heard God does, shameless plug
But I don't give a fuck
Cause if his album does well then