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up with heat that's not expected
You can't, you can't, you can't help but check it
We stand out like chubby people in checkers
We comin' hectic
I pile my rhymes by the heap on cassettes, Lp's, cd's and 12 inches
Perform the shit and get the girl like pinches
With good intentions, the key
on your hand mean we can twist like Chubby Checker
Blunt so fat you'll need a pyrotech' to get it lit
Yeah, this the way that West coast rock shit
My momma knew I was (was)
Everything I knew I was, I was destined for greatness
I knew I would be rescued by greatness (uh huh)
My first album
to waste
Ah right about now I'm gonna reminisce
Of how a fly MC became a rap-ologist
Around the time when Chubby Checker, invented "The Twist"
I used
Now fifty years down the line, we gon' all look back
And say that hip-hop, in 1995 was wack
But then we gots it back on tracks
And by the year
to God, y'all niggas better act like Christ said it

Hey yo yo who the hell this Sauce nigga think he talkin to, man?
Arrogant bastard
Chubby motherfucker
club, shoot, stab, sell crack
Straight like that
We eat, sleep, shit street life
Straight like that
We get knocked by the same ?
Straight like that
You can reach into your pocket
While I reach into my mind
Clarity is so divine
We just single the design
The physical we inherit
By visions on TV