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And you know Clint Black is where it's at
When he's singing those songs from under his hat
Ain't nothin' wrong with Aaron Tippin
Young Dwight Yoakom
decisions. The chorus originally read "You took on the world, it took me by surprise...", but Aaron felt that it was a bad representation of what God knows,
62 in 1959
-Words and Music by J. Leslie McFarland and Aaron H. Schroeder

They did the Wang Dang Taffy-Apple Tango
They did the Wang Dang
Ye ain't steady tip tippin
No girl gettin homie
You ain't fresh azimiz
Think ye iz(think ye iz) 
But cha aint (but cha aint)
Get it crunk like me
slip, I'll whip
Cuz homeboy, ya slippin'

I understand that music calms the savage beast
But keep in mind that I compose my music piece by piece
the store man
Every car I drive I'm trying have you saying whoa man
Fourth album comeback power like Rogaine
Records say Columbia but I'm So So man 
I was born Jonathon Aaron Steel, to the parents of William and Elizabeth
steel. I am a Leo, born under the sign of the lion and I was raised in