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Thirty seven thousand feet, broken in a heartbeat
This air supply, an elixir

To the sea, the singing sands
This air supply, an elixir
my belts everything is blurred

No air left in my oxygen supply
Soon I'll sleep away earth is just a memory

In many years from now
Someone will
Delaware are you aware of air supply and television.
Are you still there is this thing on, am I coming down.
Delaware where are you where are you
It's time that we
It's time that we
Make a space in our hearts
And open our eyes 
Where are all the grassy hilltops
Clean air to breathe
business cards, with your name and the wrong address. Plus six royalty statements, inspected and customized by Rantoon Tan, Hantoon Frammin, and DEE...
As lips sink stomachs ache
Monkeys shine fire flies
Foxes trot hobs knob
Porches swing brains storm
Hearts attack and air supplies
Heads light tails
did not step back
If we have not learnt
By now
Then we’re a sham

When we first got to the camp
Our supplies were not enough
I saw a displaced
"It is the 22nd century. I am the last of the Mars Colonists. The air
supply has almost run out on this desolate Mars colony, and the food
don't cry
You won't even miss the air supply
You can sail the ocean blue my kangaroo
My kangaroo
a universal daddy for everyone 
From universal kingdom number one 
He sends his universal angels 
Through the air 
To universal dreamers 
Or a lifetime supply of Air Force One Nikes.
Your Love Is
Like a one to your real
And 106 and Park or my own label deal.
Your Love Is
through him

Dawn of the cadaver ghoul
Wicked, awful creature just waiting for you

The wars fought by mankind supply his eerie needs
He's the king
She said
Went on a boat going down by the river
Plenty more supplies
Seen a lot of planes going up in the air

Do you ever get the feeling
played in the game like John Madden

The world is yours and everything in it
Its out there get on your grind and get it "ay"
Hands in the air, "sky's
played in the game like John Madden

The world is yours and everything in it
It's out there get on your grind and get it "ay"
Hands in the air, "sky's
keeps avoiding us
They tempt by distraction we send no reaction keep it simple
I hear a signal coming over us
(The air)
We keep regulations on our
like John Madden

The world is yours and everything in it
It's out there, get on your grind and get it, ay
Hands in the air, sky's the limit, nigga,
Blood forces through your veins
Thoughts shattered into incomprehensible
Air supply slowly languish away
Panic grasp the soul with fear

The final
too clear
How I'm like everyone I can remember I knew

Supply and demand
Mathematics and facts
Computing revealed
The secret's concealed
By the twisted grace of the law of supply and demand
Well, there’s no use crying and no use sighing over
Stone, wood, wire, glass and cement
side of the border 
Where the 100 grand in my pocket 
For the first trip jus pack a lil somthin 
Cause ima bring the work back by the air 
Or even by
The knowledge that I can't be what you need
Is cutting off my air supply
And yet this information hasn't reached my heart
And that's why I still try

Nigga don't prolong
Play the studio and get my flow on
And sell weight on a later base
My older brother kept guns on his waist in case he air
cutting off the air supply
You sting and I can't breathe
I need to know, the reason why
If I've been hard to handle I'm the first to apologise
Cuz baby
You need me and I need this illusion of safety.
I'm just too scared of being alone.
Feed me a steady diet of resuscitator thrusts.
Without you my air

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