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Wild flower

James Ferguson Buy

James Ferguson

From A microscopic Eastern Kentucky Town, Means Ky

Stay wild lil blossom child Let 
your flowers bloom

Growing towards the glow of the Sun
Up out of the Shadows Gloom

My ..Wild.....Wild..... Wild... Flower 
Let the Earth Feed You and drink the Heavenly Rain

Your Beauty will Shine through any 
Thorns that Remain

Pretty lil Wild...Wild..Flower...So Wild
My Lil Wild....Wild...Wild Flower 

You cover The fields like Wildfire
Spreading Glory Each Spring

Giving Bee's reason to Buzz And the Birds An excuse to sing

      Wild Flower  grow Wild Wild 
    Wild Wild wonderful Wild Flower

Let nature happen as you brighten each day
God has chosen you for his garden you shall lay 

   Wild Flower so wild and free
 My Wild Beautiful wild flower 

Bloom beautiful from underneath the weed

From a simple seed your sent from heaven indeed

Wild Flower wild wild flower.

Written by: James Ferguson

Submitted on: July 09, 2021

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