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White collars need a bath

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M Lewis Braun

Long time lover of all music. Grew up on Charlie Daniels. Have a few things to say. I like good music dislike bad people. Wrote 26 songs I say Just want a better life for me and my moma Not tomorrow but today

“Well there’s a few white collars you can hear me hollar could use a bath or two”
“Hear no evil see no evil speak none well alright”
”Try as I may & try as I might I just can’t get it right”
“But there’s a few white collars you can hear me hollar shouldn’t get no bail tonight”
“Now all you friends no what’s the tone to keep from doin sin”
“Reminders of the fact when you do wrong you just won’t win”
“Now I’ve had three stuffed monkeys quite a while in my home, Hangin from a place together so’s not to be all alone”
“Yeah like my moma told when I do wrong I just won’t win, and I think I know but it ain’t for sure where another monkeys been”
“You see we got a man he sits up back in a comfy seat, He owes a lot of people some say he’s a honest cheat”
“Now when he goes he needs to know for sure it’s mine that he don’t meet”
He’s far from the one he thinks he is that sits up in the air”
“I’m talkin bout the one in a great big house with yellow colored hair”
“Ima tell this song and if he don’t like what he can do is well”
“The next time folks go to write their vote outsiders can go to hell”
“Now when he goes I think I’d like to know that him and a few of his clan”
“Can just take out the windows with their mess and all his sand”
“Yeah there’s a few with him man thinks that he’s alright, but there’s a few white collars you can hear me hollar could use a bath tonight”
“Yeah i wrote this jack and that’s the fact now whatchu gonna do”
“Cause like my moma told I shouldn’t pick a fight with you”
“But there’s a few white collars you can hear me hollar could use a bath or two”

Written by: M Lewis Braun

Submitted on: October 29, 2020

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