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Lynne Macleod - Mrs. Jack - with my husband Jack and Jack's Teddy Bear!!!! Buy

Lynne Macleod - Mrs. Jack - with my husband Jack and Jack's Teddy Bear!!!!

Hi,!!!! The 4 of us are talented lyricists, singer-songwriters, music arrangers and published writers. We have our B.A. degrees in Music. Highlights of our varied music career include playing at the Calif. State Capitol Rotunda and touring Northern and Southern Calif. with our band when young, called the Mystic Zephyr 4s. In addition we performed in Nagoya, Japan on a singing contract during the late seventies. We composed 3 songs for our CD pop-style genre as Independent artists , titled Love Moves. Performing at Pizza Man Dans, on the keyboard in Oxnard, Pt. Hueneme and Ventura was another awesome experience for us!!!! Currently, we have written 3 instrumental blues songs - titled Amazing America Blues!!!!, Heart Of Blues and also Rocking With Passion Blues. IMPORTANT!!!! - OUR SELF-PENNED SONG - AMAZING AMERICA BLUES IS CURRENTLY #121 ON THE NATIONAL REVERB NATION CHARTS AND #161 ON THE GLOBAL REVERB NATION CHARTS . WE ALSO ARE PUBLISHED WRITERS- HAVING NUMEROUS MUSIC-RELATED ARTICLES WE WROTE IN SUCH MAGAZINES AS ARCHIPELAGO, CAT'S MAGAZINE, THE AMERICAN DANE, THE HIGHLANDER , CANADIAN RAIL AND OTHERS. WE ALSO WHEN WE HAVE TIME, ARE WORKING ON OUR ENCHANTMENT AT THE KEYBOARD/PIANO BOOK. OUR BOOK CONTAINS 25 POEMS REGARDING MUSIC TOPICS WITH 10 IMAGES.!!!! You are all special, #1 and loved by the 4 of us!!!! May all of your dreams come true immediately!!!! Please purchase our very special self-penned lyric for sale - WE SHALL OVERCOME - COVID'S EPIC TALE !!!! It is a very special lyric connected to COVID!!!! We are not assuming if it rocks!!!!


Written by Lynne Macleod - Mrs. Jack - with my husband Jack and Jack’s Teddy Bear!!!!!

Worldwide jobs, income and lifestyles gone awry
The craziness of COVID
Should we laugh or should we cry
As COVID has left it’s horrific mark
Will our world ever get ahead 
Or will we be among the living left or the departed dead
COVID’s vaccines and boosters 
Will there be a price we have to pay
To get us through COVID’s darkness
And emerge stronger throughout our nites and days 
COVID’s case remains a puzzle
Who can possibly unravel this baffling tale 

To go forward together
In our unshakeable faith
That a better, COVID-free world lies ahead
We will once again
Be healthy and safe!!!!

Leaving us distraught and socially divided
This COVID craziness need to end
After no satisfying answers have yet surfaced
Our world need further time to heal and mend
The masks, sanitizing and social distancing have left our health at stake
Much work and research still needs to be done
It’ll be a sweet victory we can’t yet face
The world’s spirit regarding COVID is to FINALLY overcome!!!!!

Written by: Lynne Macleod - Mrs. Jack - with my husband Jack and Jack's Teddy Bear!!!!

Submitted by: pianoatheart on May 11, 2023

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